Dragon Age 4: Everything We Know About Bioware’s Upcoming Fantasy RPG

Developer BioWare first teased it was working on a new Dragon Age-related project in December 2018, confirming the project is actually an untitled fourth mainline Dragon Age game nearly two years later. Since then, we haven’t heard all that much, save for a few intriguing nuggets of information. But, with both Summer Game Fest and all the Not-E3 summer events on the near horizon, it feels like a new announcement could be imminent.

With Anthem abandoned and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition completed and released, BioWare is most likely now focusing on its two announced RPG projects: Dragon Age 4 and a brand-new Mass Effect. And since we know a little bit more about Dragon Age 4, it’s probably the game that we’re getting first. Below, we go over everything that we know about Dragon Age 4.

Release date

Neither BioWare nor publisher Electronic Arts have officially revealed a release date for Dragon Age 4–heck, we still don’t even know what the game is going to be called. So your guess is as good as ours.

In February 2022, Grubbsnax host and GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb said that Dragon Age 4 is “at least 18 months away” from release, which would put the game’s launch sometime beyond August 2023.

It may be worth pointing out that both Origins and Inquisition launched in November, which does line up with a post-August release date for Dragon Age 4. However, we can’t rely on precedence too much here, seeing as Dragon Age II launched in March.

What we know

In BioWare: Stories and Secrets, a book that encompasses the developer’s history, it was revealed that the primary setting for Dragon Age 4 will be Tevinter–a never-before-seen, but an often-referenced location in the Dragon Age franchise. Inquisition’s Trespasser expansion even teased that a visit to Tevinter was up next for the series.

Tevinter is most often referenced in terms of its influence and societal layout. It is commonly referred to as one of the most powerful countries in all of Thedas. Possessing a primarily human make-up, Tevinter is ruled over by a council of mages. Slavery is also still legal there (despite being outlawed everywhere else), and the country as a whole is on very unfriendly terms with the Qunari.

Executive producer Christian Dailey has also teased fans with Dragon Age 4 concept art. The images showcase knights adorned in incredible-looking armor, one suggesting that Dragon Age 4 will see the return of the Grey Wardens.

Grey Wardens are an elite order of knights who defend all of Thedas from the Archdemons, old gods who have become deadly dragons. You could choose to become a Grey Warden in Origins, though not in Dragon Age II or Inquisition.


We’ve gotten no news of which platforms Dragon Age 4 will release on. However, it’s been reported that Dragon Age 4 will not release on Xbox One or PS4, so we assume Dragon Age 4 will only launch for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.

PC system specs

BioWare has yet to reveal the PC system specs for Dragon Age 4.


We have one teaser trailer for Dragon Age 4, released during The Game Awards 2020. The trailer does not feature any gameplay footage, but ends with the tantalizing tease that Solas (a very important Dragon Age character) may play a substantial role in this new game. We’ve embedded the trailer below.

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Dragon Age Trailer | Game Awards 2020

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Multiplayer details

In February 2021, a Bloomberg report stated that EA had given BioWare the go-ahead to remove “all planned multiplayer components” from Dragon Age 4, making the RPG an exclusively single-player experience.

In December 2021, BioWare announced that Dragon Age 4 would be a “single-player focused experience.” Given the very specific use of the word “focused,” that technically leaves room for an online multiplayer component to be included in a smaller capacity, but it at least confirms that the game will be geared towards single-player, not multiplayer.

DLC/Microtransaction details

BioWare has not yet said whether Dragon Age 4 will incorporate DLC or microtransactions but given the fact that Inquisition featured both, it seems likely that this new game will too.

Preorder details

Dragon Age 4 is not yet available for preorder.

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