Power Rangers star Austin St. John, arrested for fraud

Power Rangers star Austin St. John, arrested for fraud. In the US, actor Austin St. Power Rangers co-star John is arrested on suspicion of $3.5 million fraud. It is reported by The Hollywood Reporter.
Jason Lee Scott, 47, was charged with conspiracy to commit fraud. The case is related to the federal program to maintain budget salaries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to investigators, 18 defendants, including the Power Rangers star, received about 16 loans and several million dollars, defrauding creditors and the Small Business Administration.
As noted in the Ministry of Justice, the attackers distorted information about the “true nature” of their business, the number of employees hired, and the amount of their salary. They spent the funds received from the state on personal purchases or invested in the foreign exchange markets.

Defendant David Klaudt, representing St. John, said the indictment was not evidence of guilt. “All defendants are acquitted, and Mr. St. John intends to defend himself vigorously against this charge.”

According to a Justice Department press release, Hill is accused of recruiting co-conspirators to use the existing business or to set up a business to submit PPP funding applications. Once registered, Moran is accused of assisting his fellow conspirators in the paperwork of the application, including forging supporting documents and submitting the application through online portals.


St. John, 47, has appeared on various Power Range shows over the years, including a guest spot on the 2020 TV show “Power Rangers Best Morpheus.” If the actor is found guilty, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

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