Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 Trailer: Meet the First Throuple!

Ready for your first look at Seeking Sister Wife Season 4?

This polarizing TLC reality show kicks off a run of fresh episodes on June 6, following a season that left a sour taste in the mouths of many viewers due to VERY disturbing allegations against Dimitri Snowden.

Snowden has thankfully been jettisoned from the series (and hopefully the planet in general), but Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield are prominently featured in this extended trailer.

As discussed year on air, the couple was monogamous for about a decade… until Garrick felt that God was telling him to transition to a plural marriage lifestyle.

The couple, who share two sons, then discovered Brazilian native Roberta online and chose to actually divorce in order to move forward with the relationship, despite the concerns of Dannielle’s mom and dad.

On Season 4, the Merrifield will try to incorporate Roberta into their family from a distance — while they also open up the relationship to yet another partner back home in Colorado

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“We need Bert to be 100 percent on board,” explains Dannielle in this footage, as the Merrifields bring in potential third wife Lea into their unusual romance.

Roberta, for her part, isn’t exactly down with the polygamous arrangement, telling Garrick at one point he’s allowed “no kisses” as far as she’s concerned.

The stress of the complicated relationship causes Dannielle to dissolve into and confessed to Roberta she’s “second-guessed” their decision to bring her into the relationship, adding:

“Not being able to trust you, it’s been very hard.”


Elsewhere, Sidian and Tosha Jones will return to the show, pursuing Filipino beauty queen Arielle this time around, as Sidian describes Arielle as having “the most perfect face, a perfect body.”

This doesn’t sit well with Tosha’s mother, as you might expect.

She says in the promo that she’s “not a fan” of her daughter’s situation.

Heck, Sidian even admits “Arielle might be kind of out of my league,” prior to heading to the Philippines to meet her in person.


As for new couples on the new season?

A trio of polygamous families will be introduced, including Steve and Brenda Foley… who have previous experience with polygamy and are starting their journey once again, this time with a far younger potential sister wife.

That’s at least part for the Seeking Sister Wife course, though.

We’re not sure if the same can be said about newbies Nick, April and Jennifer Davis. 


Both April and Jennifer, you see, consider themselves Nick’s wife… yet the two women are also legally married to each other… AND they both have taken Nick’s last name.

On Season 4, we’ll see how it goes when 21-year-old April setttle into the family, much to the chagrin of teenage son Preston.

And that’s not all! 

seeking 5

According to a TLC press release:

“The Colorado-based throuple is also courting Danielle.

“The new relationship seems to be going well until some unexpected surprises are revealed along the way, leaving Danielle to question if this is what she really wants.”

Check out the crazy Seeking Sister Wife trailer now!

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