Splitgate Season 2’s Revamped Progression System Outlined

We’re just a week away from Splitgate‘s Beta Season 2 launch, and developer 1047 Games has given players a taste of what’s to come in the free-to-play first-person shooter’s upcoming season. While there is tons of new content coming to the game this season–including a remastered Abyss map, three new game modes, and updates to the in-game map creator–one of the biggest changes is a reworked leveling system.

1047’s senior product manager, Ben Fruhauf, gave Splitgate players an update on the new system in a recent blog post detailing all of the leveling tweaks that will be implemented when Beta Season 2 goes live. The 1047 team focused on three goals while developing Season 2’s new leveling system:

  • Reward players for their commitment to the game
  • Provide players with new skill- and time-based challenges
  • Let players showcase their achievements

Here’s a breakdown of how these goals will be implemented in Season 2.

Splitgate’s Stadium map.

Pro Tiers

Leveling up will now be faster, and once players reach Level 100, players will earn their first Pro Tier. There are 10 Pro Tiers, each of which has 100 levels, and each Pro Tier grants a permanent 2% XP boost. These boosts stack, so completing all 10 Pro Tiers will grant you a permanent 20% XP boost.

Each tier also comes with a special badge players can use to show off their skills, and once Season 2 launches, their current level will be integrated into the new Pro Tier system. According to Fruhauf, the Pro Tier system will be implemented as follows:

“On your first login after Beta Season 2 launches, your level will be adjusted to the new Pro system,” the blog post says. “For example, a player at level 254 has a total of 5,972,100 XP. That XP puts their new level at Pro 2 Level 61. The same player can continue to level up right where they left off and it will be easier since now they have a 4% boost to their XP. This also means the handful of players who reached Level 1000 in Beta Season 1 will start at Pro 9 Level 93, meaning they now have the ability to keep earning and progressing in Beta Season 2.”

Splitgate's Beta Season 2 Pro Tier badges.
Splitgate’s Beta Season 2 Pro Tier badges.


Similar to banner cards in Apex Legends, Splitgate’s player cards will now allow players to choose which badges they wish to display. In addition to badges received for ascending through the Pro Tiers, players will also receive badges for completing challenges and pulling off certain feats.

In Beta Season 2, Splitgate players will receive special badges that will track a number of things, including:

  • Kills
  • Ranked kills
  • Headshots
  • Wins
  • Ranked wins
  • Times players have scored the highest on their team
  • Enemy portals destroyed
  • Kills through portals
  • Takedown matches won without losing a round

All in all, the XP changes and badge system should be a net gain for new and old players alike, making battle pass progression less of a grind, and rewarding those who play frequently. Stay tuned for more news on Splitgate Beta Season 2, including info on the new mode that will be revealed on May 27–and don’t forget to finish up your Beta Season 1 battle pass before Season 2 launches on June 2.

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