The Bachelor viewers vote on messiest season of all time

Four seasons of The Bachelor franchise compete for the title of the messiest season. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have provided loads of drama over the years. 

Some seasons are wilder than others, and fans recently weighed in on the season they think was the messiest of all. 

Here’s how Bachelor Nation voted on the messiest season of all time.

Four seasons from The Bachelor franchise have been deemed the ‘messiest’

A Bachelor fan page asked fans to weigh in on the messiest season of The Bachelor franchise. 

The top four seasons that were submitted included three seasons of The Bachelor and one season of The Bachelorette. 

The three Bachelor seasons, notorious for drama and issues, included Juan Pablo’s season, Peter Weber’s season, and most recently, Clayton Echard’s season. 

The one Bachelorette season that made the list was Clare Crawley’s season. 

The poll had fans vote on the “messiest of all time,” and Juan Pablo’s season was in fourth place with 14% of the vote. 

In third was Clare Crawley’s season with 26% of the vote. 

While Clare’s time as Bachelorette was brief, it did feature lots of drama and mess as she became immediately infatuated with Dale Moss and got engaged to him after three weeks. 

In second place was Clayton Echard’s season which is fresh in Bachelor Nations’ mind and featured one of the most dramatic conclusions of the franchise. 

Clayton’s season was messy from the start as he appeared to be drawn to women who weren’t “there for the right reasons” or ready for love. 

First, Clayton offered a rose to Salley Carson before opening night despite her having been recently engaged, only for her to reject the rose and leave the competition early. Then, Clayton gave a group rose to Cassidy Timbrooks despite her causing drama. Clayton eventually took Cassidy’s rose back in an unprecedented moment after learning she had a friend with benefits. 

After Cassidy left, Shanae Ankney emerged as a villain, and Clayton entertained a relationship with her for far longer than many felt he should’ve. 

Finally, Clayton claimed to fall in love with each woman in his final three and slept with both Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, only to dump them simultaneously and pursue Susie Evans. 

That messiness led Clayton’s season to earn the second-place title in the recent poll with 29% of the vote. 

But one season was voted even messier. 

Fans vote on messiest season.
Pic credit: @bachelorrabbithole/Instagram

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor voted messiest of all time 

Peter Weber won the poll, getting 31% of the vote. 

Bachelor Nation has often considered Peter Weber one of the most disappointing Bachelors as he seemed to struggle with making good sound decisions at every turn. 

The women in Peter’s season often had to confront Peter on his questionable conduct, and in the end, he chose Hannah Ann Sluss only to leave her and pursue Madison Prewett. 

In one of the messier After the Final Rose finales, Madison had a tense exchange with Peter’s mom Barbra Weber. Peter and Madison eventually called it quits. 

Which season of The Bachelor franchise do you think was the messiest of all time? 

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC. 

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