TikTok will soon launch Live Subscription, a new way for you to support creators

A few months ago, we reported that TikTok is testing paid subscriptions to allow its creators to charge for some of their content and therefore earn more from their streams. Back then, the social network didn’t explain exactly how the new feature would work, but now it has decided to shed some light on the matter in a recent blog post.In its press release, TikTok introduced “LIVE Subscription,” a monthly subscription for people to support their favorite Live creators. Subscribers will, of course, receive a few perks as a gesture of gratitude for their support, allowing them to stand out from the rest of the users.

Those who want to pay for a Live membership will receive “Subscriber Badges,” which will appear next to their profile and indicate how long they have been subscribed to the creator. They will also have access to exclusive emotes, custom-designed by the creators, to use during Live sessions.

TikTok also announced the addition of a Subscriber-Only Chat feature, which — when activated —, will likely replace the ordinary group chat, allowing only those who have a subscription to comment.

All this sounds cool, but what about the pricing? In its blog post, TikTok didn’t mention how much it would cost you to support your favorite content creator. Some TikTokers, however, claim that the price is “comparable” to Twitch’s pricing and that TikTok’s income split is the same as the competing streaming platform. Twitch memberships start at $4.99 per month, with Twitch taking 30% to 50% of subscription earnings. So, if the prices are indeed similar, and you want to support your favorite creator, expect to set aside at least $5 a month.

As ByteDance, the company behind the social media platform, shared — Live Subscription will officially launch in beta testing on May 26th. But before you go wild and begin spending your money on TikTok creators, you should know that only a select group of TikTokers will participate in the testing. The feature will become globally available in the coming months, so hold on a little longer if your favorite creator isn’t part of the chosen ones.

Of course, if not with a monthly subscription, there are other ways for you to show appreciation for the work of your favorite creator. You can send tips, and you can also send a TikToker a virtual gift, which they can then exchange for real money.

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