Wednesday, May 25: Martha Stewart’s Selling Her Stuff in ‘The Great American Tag Sale’

ABC/Eric Liebowitz

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Wednesday, May 25

The Great American Tag Sale With Martha Stewart
ABC, 8pm

Martha Stewart, known for turning everyday living into an art form, is ready to part ways with pieces from her vast collection of furniture, art and housewares in this new one-hour special. She will regale viewers with fond memories of how these beloved items were acquired and offer expert advice on how to execute a successful tag sale. Alongside her team of event planners, Martha will host a series of tag sale events including an exclusive cocktail party for celebrities and neighbors to preview the sale.

Somebody Feed Phil
Season Premiere!

Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal returns for Season 5 of his series in which he travels the globe to take in local cuisine and culture. This five-episode season finds Phil heading to Oaxaca, Maine, Helsinki, Portland and Madrid.

Music’s Greatest Mysteries
AXS TV, 8pm

Take a look at the Scorpions’ fight to end the Cold War and other topics in this episode.

CBS, 8pm
Season Finale!

Before this breakneck 26-day season ends with a sole survivor winning $1 million, the final five take part in a nail-biter of an immunity challenge that comes down to just one puzzle piece.

The Flash: “The Curious Case of Bartholomew Allen”
The CW, 8pm

The Flash (Grant Gustin) gets blasted with a shockwave forcing his body to age prematurely.

Expedition Unknown
Discovery Channel, 8pm; also streams on discovery+
Season Premiere!

Adventurer Josh Gates is back for an 11th season of venturing into some of the world’s most mysterious places. The season premiere is the first part of a two-episode exploration that brings Gates and his crew into Poland to be the first people since World War II to enter a recently discovered hidden Nazi tunnel inside an extinct volcano. The team makes historic finds as they seek stolen art and uncover other dark secrets hidden away since the end of the war.

MasterChef: Back to Win
FOX, 8pm
Season Premiere!

Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich preside over MasterChef Season 12, dubbed “Back to Win.” MasterChef reopens the door to some of the most memorable and talented cooks in the competition’s history as 20 all-stars get a second chance to prove they have what it takes.

Chicago Med
NBC, 8pm
Season Finale!

The Season 7 finale, “And Now We Come to the End,” finds Will (Nick Gehlfuss) and Hannah (Jessy Schram) clashing over a patient in need of a kidney transplant; Crockett (Dominic Rains) facing a tough decision when Blake (Sarah Rafferty) is in surgery; Ethan (Brian Tee) and Archer (Steven Weber) treating the son of Med’s general counsel; and Med’s family growing. The series has been renewed for an eighth season.

Score by Jerry Goldsmith
TCM, beginning at 8pm
Catch a Classic!

Jerry Goldsmith ranks as one of Hollywood’s most prolific, innovative and influential composers and conductors; over his six-decade career, he scored everything from episodes of The Twilight Zone and The Waltons (along with that series’ theme music) among his television work, to feature films across various genres, including horror movies (like Gremlins and his Oscar-winning score for The Omen), dramas (such as Rudy and his Oscar-nominated score for Patton), thrillers (including Basic Instinct and his Oscar-nominated score for Chinatown), action flicks (such as Rambo: First Blood Part II and Air Force One); sci-fi/fantasy films (his Oscar-nominated scores for the original Planet of the Apes and Star Trek: The Motion Picture, among those); and more. Goldsmith racked up 18 Academy Award nominations and one win over his career, and he is one of only five composers — along with fellow film-scoring legends Elmer Bernstein, Bernard Herrmann, Max Steiner and John Williams — to have had more than one score selected for inclusion on the American Film Institute’s 2005 list of the 25 greatest film scores in American cinema. Tonight’s lineup on Turner Classic Movies celebrates the diversity and enduring legacy of Goldsmith with four films for which he composed the scores. The evening starts with Seven Days in May (1964), director John Frankenheimer’s political thriller, featuring a screenplay by Rod Serling, about a military-political cabal’s planned takeover of the U.S. government. Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Fredric March and Ava Gardner star. Up next is the inspired-by-a-true-story prison break classic Papillon (1973), which stars Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman, and which earned Goldsmith an Oscar nomination for his emotional score. Following that is a film that boasts one of Goldsmith’s finest scores of the 1980s, and one that earned him yet another Oscar nod: Poltergeist (1982). Producer/cowriter Steven Spielberg’s haunted house thriller is greatly enhanced by Goldsmith’s memorable music, not only through the more exciting and fast-moving parts of the score, but also via the more quietly ominous elements of the movie’s main theme, the simultaneously soothing and creepy, lullaby-like “Carol Anne’s Theme.” The Goldsmith celebration concludes with The Wind and the Lion (1975), the action-packed Sean Connery and Candice Bergen-led war film that boasts another Oscar-nominated score by Goldsmith, who earned praise for incorporating a large and diverse ensemble of instruments for this music, including many from Morocco, the movie’s setting.

The American Rescue Dog Show
ABC, 9pm

The American Rescue Dog Show is the preeminent dog competition featuring rescued companions as they strut their fluff, competing for a slew of “best in” titles while stealing America’s hearts. In the two-hour special, rescued dogs from all across the country will compete in seven categories including Best in Underbite, Best in Snoring, Best in Belly Rubs and more.

Expedition X
Discovery Channel, 9pm; also streams on discovery+
Season Premiere!

In Season 5 of adventurer Josh Gates’ Expedition Unknown spinoff series, Gates and his team of investigators continue to explore the stranger side of the unknown. The premiere episode kicks off in the notorious Ring of Fire, where scientist Phil Torres and paranormal researcher Jessica Chobot investigate videos and eyewitness reports of mysterious objects flying around Mexico’s tallest active volcano. Later, Phil and Jess test a bold scientific theory at the site of America’s deadliest avalanche and train wreck, where witnesses report bizarre apparitions and rumors swirl about a shocking coverup.

Buy It or Build It: “Making a Modern Farmhouse”
HGTV, 9pm

Alex and Dave need a new home and are open to either buying it or building it. Their dream is to have an open floor plan with a rustic modern kitchen and space to entertain. Calvin and Chris LaMont want to deliver everything on their wish list on time and on budget, but that becomes easier said than done.

Chicago Fire
NBC, 9pm
Season Finale!

In the Season 10 finale, “The Magnificent City of Chicago,” the big wedding day arrives, and Firehouse 51 welcomes Casey (Jesse Spencer) back to celebrate the joyous occasion. Meanwhile, Emma’s (Caitlin Carver) plans to replace Violet (Hanako Greensmith) come to a shocking end. The drama will return for Season 11.

NOVA: “Ice Age Footprints”
PBS, 9pm

Thousands of prehistoric footprints left by Ice Age humans and animals stretch for miles across the blinding white surfaces of New Mexico’s White Sands National Park. In this episode, find out how this phenomenal collection of prints preserves a unique series of snapshots of life and behavior, capturing moments when humans crossed paths with extinct beasts and providing important new evidence about the peopling of the Americas.

Josh Gates Tonight
Discovery Channel, 10pm
Season Premiere!

Discovery’s Wednesday evening Josh Gates programming lineup concludes with the Season 5 premiere of Gates’ talk show, which features an eclectic group of celebrity guests, original cocktails and trademark excursions into the field, as well as Gates’ insights into his Expedition Unknown and Expedition X adventures. Guests this season include Evangeline Lilly, LeVar Burton and more.

Chicago P.D.
NBC, 10pm
Season Finale!

In the ninth season finale, “You and Me,” after an explosion rocks the case, the team scrambles to finally take down Escano (José Zúñiga) as everyone nears their breaking point. The series has been renewed for Season 10.

Colombia — Wild and Free
PBS, 10pm
Series Finale!

The series finale, “From the Pacific to the Andes,” journeys to the largely uninhabited Pacific coast of Colombia, where humpback whales give birth and fish hunt crabs in the mangrove forests. It then ascends to snow-capped Andean volcanoes, which are home to stunning spectacled bears, condors and hummingbirds.

Thursday, May 26

The Unauthorized History of the Vietnam War
FOX Nation

Chief political anchor Bret Baier showcases how the Vietnam War left an indelible mark on a generation of Americans and changed the course of human events across the globe. New evidence provides a different perspective on key events and pivotal decisions from the largely misunderstood conflict.

Fight or Flight
New Series!

For more than 15 years, Bollywood-star-turned-human-rights-advocate Somy Ali and her groundbreaking nonprofit No More Tears have rescued thousands of men, women and children from domestic violence and sex trafficking. Now, this unflinching docuseries intimately follows Somy’s intense, complex and sometimes heartbreaking work as she illustrates the horrors and frequency of abuse, profiling the very real dangers and emotional impact of transforming a victim into a survivor. In every episode, the clock is ticking as she works with real victims. It’s a race against time to extricate them from the situations they seek to escape; secure legal, medical and educational counsel; and find them a safe place to stay while working alongside them to rebuild their lives. Viewers will go along with Somy as she navigates the best way to help these victims, experiences the emotional highs and lows of advocacy, and discusses her own journey as she reckons with her traumatic past and the abuse she herself suffered as a young woman. The first three episodes are available today; subsequent new episodes are available Thursdays.

Mountain Trails

This immersive program takes viewers on excursions to key mountain ranges around the world.

Look at Me: XXXTentacion

This documentary explores how Florida teenager Jahseh Onfroy became SoundCloud rapper XXXTENTACION, one of the most-streamed artists on the planet. Through frank commentary from family, friends and romantic partners, and unseen archival footage, director Sabaah Folayan offers a sensitive portrayal of an artist whose acts of violence, raw musical talent and open struggles with mental health left an indelible mark on his generation before his death at the age of 20.

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark

This 44-minute special serves as a teaser for the upcoming eight-episode series of the same name that is slated to premiere on Netflix this September. The special and the series are created with 3D computer animation and follow My Little Pony’s Mane 5 on a journey of self-discovery through action-packed, hilarious and heartfelt stories. Featured among the voice cast is Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, star of Netflix’s hit series Never Have I Ever.

The Dreamers
Sundance Now
New Series!

This hit crime/comedy series from Israel is set in 2008 against the backdrop of rising tensions in the Gaza Strip. It tells the story of three young Palestinian students — Warda (Maisa Abd Elhadi), Kayes (Riyad Sliman) and Salah (Aiman Daw) — who travel to Tel Aviv and try to establish a new and liberated Palestinian community for themselves. When they attempt to buy drugs and get high at the end of a long day, they find themselves caught in a drug deal with a Palestinian crime family who ultimately see the three indebted students as ideal accomplices for getting their goods distributed among local youth. This gets them into trouble with the local crime world, the police and their own families. The trio realizes that, in order to unload the drugs, they have to create the “new Palestinian scene.” In their own unique way, they decide to initiate an anti-war protest in the form of a large music festival featuring Jews and Palestinians together. In the process, they create a historic moment in the Palestinian and Jewish underground scene. The series is in Arabic and Hebrew languages, with English subtitles. All 10 episodes are available today.

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Second Round
ESPN, beginning at 7pm Live

A pair of Stanley Cup playoffs conference semifinal games air tonight on ESPN.

Grey’s Anatomy: “Out for Blood/You Are the Blood”
ABC, 8pm
Season Finale!

In Hour 1 of the two-part season finale, Grey Sloan Memorial is setting up a voluntary donation center due to a blood shortage. Meanwhile, Nick (Scott Speedman) asks Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) for help with his patient, and Winston (Anthony Hill) is hung up on his relationship with his brother. In Hour 2, Meredith makes a risky decision regarding a patient, and Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) actions to help his fellow veterans come to light.

MasterChef Junior Edition: “The Restaurant Takeover”
FOX, 8pm

The top six junior chefs put their professional skills to the test during a restaurant takeover at the luxury hotel NoMad in downtown Los Angeles in the new episode “The Restaurant Takeover.”

Celebrity Escape Room
NBC, 8pm

In celebration of the Red Nose Day fundraising initiative to raise awareness of, and money to help combat, child poverty, NBC airs a rebroadcast of this hourlong special starring Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and Adam Scott.

This Old House: “Saratoga Springs: Raise the Roof”
PBS, 8pm

The original foundation of the house in Saratoga Springs needs repainting; a steel beam is installed in the new basement; trends in plumbing fixtures are explored; and a truss system is the solution for the third-floor living space, which leads to a visit to the manufacturer.

Star of the Month: Anna May Wong
TCM, beginning at 8pm
Catch a Classic!

Turner Classic Movies’ monthlong Thursday night celebration of the films of pioneering Asian American actress Anna May Wong concludes tonight with three of her later movies. First is the network premiere of Lady From Chungking (1942). This was produced during a period when Wong was not making many movies, instead focusing her attention on events and appearances in support of China’s struggle against Japan; while Japan’s war with the United States was just beginning in 1942, its military aggression toward China had been ongoing since the ’30s and was a cause toward which Wong was passionate about bringing attention. Lady From Chungking was one of two anti-Japanese propaganda war films she starred in that year, donating her salary from both toward relief for China. In its tale of Chinese guerrillas fighting against Japanese occupiers, Lady From Chungking differs from the many other war films that filled theaters during this time in that the Chinese characters are portrayed as empowered heroes rather than victims awaiting rescue by Americans; in fact, one of the plotlines here finds the guerrillas, led by Wong’s character, trying to rescue two downed American pilots from Japanese custody. Wong did not appear in another film until seven years later, when she took on a small role as a housekeeper in tonight’s next movie, the B-movie film noir Impact (1949). In the 1950s, Wong went on another movie hiatus and instead focused on television appearances — including as the title character in the 1951 detective drama The Gallery of Madame Liu-Tsong, the first U.S. television series with an Asian American as the lead. She returned to the big screen in tonight’s final film in TCM’s lineup: Portrait in Black, a 1960 thriller led by Lana Turner and Anthony Quinn that marked Wong’s final film appearance.

Welcome to Flatch
FOX, 9pm
Season Finale!

Back-to-back episodes wrap up Season 1 of Welcome to Flatch tonight. In “Pyramid Scheme,” Kelly (Holmes) accidentally gets involved in a green juice pyramid scheme. Then in “Merry Flatchmas,” disaster ensues when Kelly is put in charge of the Flatch Christmas celebration. FOX has renewed Welcome to Flatch for Season 2.

Windy City Rehab: “Suburban Jungle”
HGTV, 9pm

Alison Victoria takes on a project to rescue her clients from a bad floor plan in the Chicago suburb of Evanston. She will have to juggle a huge budget, tight timelines and demanding homeowners as she struggles to keep the renovation on track.

History, 9pm
Season Premiere!

In Season 9 of this survival competition series, for the first time ever, 10 contestants fight to survive in the bitter wilderness of Labrador, on Canada’s northeast shores — a location known as a hunting ground for polar bears. In “Drop Shock,” the 90-minute premiere episode, shortly after dropoff, the survivalists are forced to make quick decisions in the face of imminent bad weather. One participant finds creative ways to make a home, while another faces pressure early as a predator encircles their camp.

CBS, 10pm
Series Finale!

The legal drama starring Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull of the Trial Analysis Corporation concludes tonight after six seasons with the series finale “Goodbye.”

Kings of Pain
History, 10:30pm
Season Premiere!

Wildlife biologist Adam Thorn and professional animal handler “Caveman” Rob Alleva are back for Season 2, continuing their scientific journey to get bitten and stung by some of the most dangerous creatures in the world to create history’s complete and comprehensive guide to pain that will ultimately help save lives. In the season premiere episode, “The Scorpion King,” the men take on America’s biggest and deadliest scorpions, resulting in a hugely painful wake-up call.

Friday, May 27

Carpool Karaoke: The Series
Apple TV+
Season Premiere!

The Emmy-winning series returns for Season 5, and over the first few installments, the stars sharing a car, singing along to their personal playlists and embarking on adventures, include Simu Liu and Jessica Henwick; White Lotus costars Murray Bartlett, Alexandra Daddario and Sydney Sweeney; Anitta and Saweetie; Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott, who first met on Carpool Karaoke; CM Punk, Britt Baker, Christian Cage, Bryan Danielson, MJF, Will Hobbs and Ruby Soho of All Elite Wrestling; and Marc, Heidi, Dixie and Charli D’Amelio. Additional episodes will debut later this year.

Apple TV+
Season Premiere!

Season 3 of the award-winning live-action preschool series from the makers of Sesame Street features guest appearances from Bradley Cooper, James Monroe Iglehart, Daphne Rubin-Vega and more.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
New Series!

Ewan McGregor reprises his role as Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Hayden Christensen returns as Darth Vader in this six-episode Star Wars series, set 10 years after the events of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Kenobi lives in exile in the deserts of Tatooine, keeping watch over young Luke Skywalker (Grant Feely) as he’s raised by Uncle Owen (Joel Edgerton) and Aunt Beru (Bonnie Piesse). Meanwhile, the Empire has assembled an elite group of warriors, the Inquisitors, to hunt down Kenobi and the few Jedi who escaped the Purge. Rupert Friend, Benny Safdie, Indira Varma, Kumail Nanjiani, Simone Kessell, Moses Ingram and Sung Kang also star. The first two episodes are available today; subsequent new episodes will be available Wednesdays beginning June 1.

We Feed People

Following a festival run that began at this year’s SXSW, this feature documentary from National Geographic and director Ron Howard makes its small-screen premiere on Disney+. The film follows renowned chef and humanitarian José Andrés and his inspirational World Central Kitchen as they travel the globe responding to crises the best way they know how: using the power of food to nourish the world.

New Series!

This half-hour comedy is a spinoff of Letterkenny, with Jared Keeso reprising the fan-favorite title character.

Stranger Things
Season Premiere!

The first half of Season 4 (the second half premieres on July 1) of the penultimate season of Stranger Things picks up six months after the Battle of Starcourt, which brought terror and destruction to Hawkins. Separated for the first time, the young heroes struggle with high school as a new and terrifying supernatural threat surfaces. Stars David Harbour, Winona Ryder, Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo, Natalia Dyer and Joe Keery.

Kick Like Tayla
Prime Video

This Australian Amazon Original documentary celebrates the career of one of that country’s most recognizable athletes, Australian rules footballer and pro boxer Tayla Harris, as she strives for sporting greatness amid ever-increasing media and social scrutiny, including sexist online harassment. With unprecedented access into her life, the hourlong film chronicles the public and personal challenges Harris has faced, and both she and her inner circle provide insights into how she has chosen to use her platform as a power for good.

Quest for the Stanley Cup
ESPN+, 2pm
Season Premiere!

Season 7 of this docuseries takes a behind-the-scenes look at the remaining eight NHL playoff teams vying for the chance to hoist the Stanley Cup — Calgary Flames, Caroline Hurricanes, Colorado Avalanche, Edmonton Oilers, Florida Panthers, New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues and Tampa Bay Lightning. New episodes air Fridays at this time through July 8.

The Prison Breaker
Investigation Discovery, beginning at 8pm
New Series!

This four-part series, with all four hourlong episodes airing back-to-back tonight (episodes previously streamed on discovery+), tells the true story of fugitive Richard McNair. McNair’s friends and family, the law enforcement officers he betrayed and the journalists pursuing the truth recall the man’s 1992 jailbreak and his astonishing time on the run.

Mom Made Me Do It
LMN, 8pm
Original Film!

Star student Jade (Lizzie Boys) and her mother Frida (Kate Drummond), a crime author, have a great relationship. But when she discovers Frida’s secret financial problems, Jade joins her bad-boy crush Rick (Tyson Arner) in a series of high-profile burglaries that net enough cash to pay off Frida’s debts. However, when she tries to quit the criminal world, Rick’s gang has other ideas — and now both Jade and Frida must fight for their very lives.

The Blacklist
NBC, 8pm
Season Finale!

It was Marvin Gerard (Fisher Stevens)! Now that Reddington (James Spader) knows his lawyer was behind the death of his beloved Elizabeth (Megan Boone) and the blackmail of ex-task force chief Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix), “Red wants to kill Marvin for what he did to Liz,” says executive producer John Eisendrath. “Cooper will go to prison, unless he can capture Marvin and make a case against him.” So Cooper and Red have the same target — but conflicting agendas. Who will get to Marvin first? Whatever happens, Eisendrath says, “the season ends with a revelation that puts Reddington in greater peril than ever before!” The series has been renewed for Season 10.

Memorial Day Movie Marathon
TCM, beginning at 8pm
Catch a Classic!

Starting tonight, and running all the way through Memorial Day (Monday, May 30) into the early morning hours of May 31, Turner Classic Movies airs a nonstop, 82-hour marathon of memorable war and military-themed films to commemorate the holiday on which Americans remember the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice. The weekend’s complete lineup of movies beginning tonight, in order, features the following titles: Friday, May 27 (primetime and late-night) — Twelve O’Clock High (1949); The Young and the Brave (1963); Battleground (1949); Go for Broke! (1951); Torpedo Run (1958). Saturday, May 28 (beginning early morning and running all day through late-night) — Darby’s Rangers (1958); Flying Leathernecks (1951); Thunder Afloat (1939); For Me and My Gal (1942); See Here, Private Hargrove (1944); Up Periscope (1959); Attack (1956); From Here to Eternity (1953); Fighter Squadron (1948); Bad Day at Black Rock (1955, airing as part of the Noir Alley programming block); Breakthrough (1950); Hell to Eternity (1960). Sunday, May 29 (beginning early morning and running all day through late-night) — Ace of Aces (1932); They Were Expendable (1945); Bad Day at Black Rock (encore Noir Alley showing); The Great Escape (1963); The Steel Helmet (1951); Action in the North Atlantic (1943); December 7 (1943); Destination Tokyo (1943); The Red Badge of Courage (1951); The Big Parade (1925, airing as part of the Silent Sunday Nights programming block); The Cranes Are Flying (1957); Imitation General (1958). Monday, May 30 (beginning early morning and running all day through late-night) — Till the End of Time (1946); Battle of the Bulge (1965); One Minute to Zero (1952); Merrill’s Marauders (1962); The Naked and the Dead (1958); Sergeant York (1941); The Longest Day (1962); Bataan (1943); The Dirty Dozen (1967); Take the High Ground (1953).

Vacation House Rules: “Historic Lodge”
HGTV, 9pm

Husband and wife Sean and Cindy have a 150-year-old cabin that they are hoping could help generate some additional income. But with so much work to be done, they lean on contractor Scott McGillivray and designer Debra Salmoni to help preserve the historic feel and create a classic homestead experience for renters.

Great Performances: “Keeping Company With Sondheim”
PBS, 9pm

This documentary, airing as part of Great Performances’ “Broadway’s Best” lineup, explores the legacy of Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s musical Company. Filmed over two years, it takes an inside look at director Marianne Elliott’s creative process in bringing the reimagined gender-swapped production to Broadway during the COVID-19 pandemic. The film features rehearsal and performance footage, plus new interviews with Elliott, stars Katrina Lenk and Patti LuPone, Sondheim (who passed in late 2021) and members of the original 1970 cast.

Saturday, May 28

Heroes Honor Festival
FOX Nation

This Memorial Day, FOX Nation will live stream the Heroes Honor Festival to celebrate our valiant Vietnam veterans and listen to Toby Keith and more musical artists sing about America from Daytona Beach, Florida.

MLB Baseball
FS1 & FOX, beginning at 4pm Live

FS1 airs an afternoon MLB matchup with the Cleveland Guardians at the Detroit Tigers. FOX’s primetime regional game has the L.A. Dodgers at the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Philadelphia Phillies at the N.Y. Mets or the Chicago Cubs at the Chicago White Sox.

Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse
Cartoon Network, 6pm
Exclusive Film Premiere!

This movie reunites the heroes from DC Comics’ animated series Teen Titans Go! and DC Super Hero Girls for an epic adventure. With the help of an ancient Kryptonian power, Lex Luthor unites the world’s supervillains to capture all of Earth’s superheroes until only the Super Hero Girls are left to stop Luthor and his Legion of Doom. They must cross dimensions to rescue their fellow superheroes from the Phantom Zone, but a fortuitous wrong turn leads them to Titans Tower, where they find much-needed allies in the Teen Titans.

Murdoch Mysteries: “Rawhide Ralph” & “It’s a Wonderful Game”
Ovation, beginning at 7pm

In “Rawhide Ralph,” when Harry Murdoch (Stephen McHattie) comes to visit, he and Ogden (Hélène Joy) are abducted by one of Murdoch’s (Yannick Bisson) crazed foes. Then, in “It’s a Wonderful Game,” Murdoch and his colleagues attend a charity basketball game where the coach is murdered. Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse makes a special guest appearance in this episode.

HBO, 8pm

Imagine the Yelp review for the tropical beach in this thriller: “Perfect and secluded, but our visit felt like it was over in seconds.” No wonder — in M. Night Shyamalan’s latest, a dozen vacationers inexplicably age one year every 30 minutes!

Renovation Goldmine: “Original to Outstanding”
HGTV, 8pm

Joe and Meg Piercy break down the walls to give a Tudor-style home an updated layout that’s more practical for a family of five. Then, they must figure out how to rework the first floor of a couple’s historic greystone without losing their sentimental furniture.

I Won’t Let You Go
Lifetime, 8pm
Original Film!

Angela West has always wanted a family, and now that she has one with her devoted husband, Keith, she couldn’t be happier. When an ex-boyfriend starts stalking her, Angela turns to Keith for protection. But no matter what she tries, she can’t seem to shake the stalker who is ruining her life. Paniz Zade and Luke Humphrey star. Inspired by true events.

Jeremiah Johnson
MOVIES!, 8pm
Catch a Classic!

If all you’ve seen of Robert Redford’s 1972 film Jeremiah Johnson is the ubiquitous “bearded guy nodding approvingly” clip from the movie that has been used as a popular internet reaction meme for about a decade, here’s your chance to check out the full, compelling source material. In director Sydney Pollack’s film — the first Western to ever be accepted into the Cannes Film Festival, where it was in competition for the highest prize, the Palme d’Or — Redford plays the title character, a veteran of the Mexican-American War who becomes an isolated mountain man enduring cruel winters alone in the Rockies, supporting himself as a trapper while engaged in a personal war with the Crow warriors responsible for the deaths of his common-law wife and adopted son. Based partly on the life of real-life mountain man John Jeremiah Johnson, the film features terrific location filming shot in many areas across Utah.

Transplant: “Scars”
NBC, 8pm

After a few weeks off, the Canadian medical drama returns with new episodes and moves to Saturday nights to round out its second season, beginning with this episode in which Bash’s (Hamza Haq) past weighs heavily on him as he fights for an emancipated teenager with a failing kidney; Mags (Laurence Leboeuf) treats a baby with a complicated heart condition; Theo (Jim Watson) is surprised by a young asthma patient’s brazen mother; and, after a patient’s parent makes waves, Bishop (John Hannah) advises Bash to play it safe.

Everything But the House
HGTV, 9pm
Season Premiere!

Clean up and cash in! Appraisers scour a New Jersey widow’s home from attic to basement in search of treasure to auction.

Portals to Hell: “Kreischer Mansion”
Travel Channel, 10pm; also streams on discovery+

Katrina takes Jack to Kreischer Mansion in Staten Island, New York, where a past paranormal experience has left her searching for answers. A new spirit has taken up residence since her last visit, but it may not be what the new owners think it is.

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