How to Instantly Clear your iPhone Storage – Steps to Free Space on Apple

Hey Amit, I have been watching your videos and also reading the articles, and I have a simple query about my iPhone. It keeps displaying an error that the storage is full, despite the fact that the phone has 64GB of storage with very few applications and media files, but how do I ensure that I can clear the storage on my device?Can you please help me with this problem? ~Bhargav

If you have got an iPhone, you don’t have to worry because in this tutorial I will share a few simple steps with which you can clear the space on your phone and enjoy the same phone for a longer period. Whenever there is a limited amount of available space, what happens is that you cannot capture new photos or videos, nor can you install new applications while the backup will also not be possible. But do make a note that the phone definitely has a lot of space that you can reclaim back through the following steps.

Settings > General > iPhone Storage. This page could take a few seconds to load because it would calculate the storage size and with all the data organised between apps, photos, media, iOS etc. In my case, the phone has 512GB of total space, out of which 147 GB is used. Hence, it would be hard to demonstrate the exact step, but you can clearly see the option of “Recently Deleted” Album where I can reclaim 10.52GB, which is also a good amount of storage.

Tap on this and you would get a confirmation that this will permanently delete the selected items, while this action can’t be undone. You can always visit your Album to cross check the media that you are about to delete and then initiate this action. Depending on the amount of media content, it would take a few seconds and clear all the content from your iPhone.

Now, let’s look at the next option, though under the iPhone Storage, Apple keeps showing different Recommendations and you can tap on “Show All” for more recommendations that can help you reclaim more space.

Offload Unused Apps – This is one of the most useful options that uses a bit of intelligence where Apple removes all the apps from your phone that you don’t use regularly on the device, creating you the space needed while it backs up all the personal information and content from the app. Next time you download the same app, you will get all your data back while creating space on your device when needed.

If this option does now show up under recommendations, you can always go to the apps and sort them by space to find all the applications on your phone that have used a good amount of space. In my case, I found that I rarely use the Podcasts app and right now removing it might help me regain around 9GB, so it’s better to offload it. You will see that the app will show up in your apps list but whenever you tap it, it will actually download it again.

I hope these steps help you in easily clearing storage space on your iPhone so you won’t have to delete any of your important personal files yet gain back storage, and do make a note of uploading all your media content to the cloud, either with iCloud or Google Photos, so you not only get space on your device but also have a backup that can be restored in case of device issues. Do not forget to read our earlier guide – Zoom Text on Apple Watch.

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