Metroidvania ‘Astronite’ Brings Heavy ‘Gato Roboto’ Vibes This October

JanduSoft Games has announced Astronite, a Metroidvania with heavy Gato Roboto vibes, coming to Switch this October. No firm release date has been set at the time of writing, however we do have confirmation that a physical edition of the game will also be launched alongside the digital version.

The game will be a classic take on the Metroidvania genre, with collectible items, various zones, and fearsome bosses all featuring throughout. Here’s some more info on Astronite to give you a flavour:

Take control of the brave explorer Astronite and explore a huge map with different zones full of hidden secrets, enemies, and big bosses. Recover the planet and restore it back to civilisation before it was invaded by strange creatures! Explore an uncharted planet with the help of your skills…

Shoot, jump, or use the ‘dash’ or ‘fly’ manoeuvre to overcome all the challenges and advance to the planets core. Improve your skills with permanent power-ups spread throughout the planet. Explore all the corners to find hidden paths or items that will help you in your adventure.

Are you ready for another Metroidvania game to add to your collection? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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