Sam Asghari Gushes Over Britney Spears’ Humility, “Beautiful Soul”

Last month, Britney Spears and Sam Asghari set their wedding date after years of waiting and roadblocks.

Together for more than half of a decade, they were only able to make their own decisions — about marriage, having kids, and more — beginning late last year.

Sam and Britney have not been shy about their romance, but have not always opened up about relationship details (and with good reason).

But in a new interview, Sam is explaining how he first fell for his gorgeous fiancee, and it might not be the reason that you think.

28-year-old Sam Asghari looks, and has looked, handsome to the point of being unrealistic.

There are memes that exist portraying “desirable” male features, and even they don’t quite do him justice.

No one has really wondered what drew Britney Spears to him in the first place. 

Britney and Sam in Hawaii

But while Britney is hot, famous, talented, and a good person, people were still curious to hear his thoughts when he first met Britney.

As we all know, they met on the set of her 2016 “Slumber Party” music video, a job for which he was hired without knowing who his costar would be.

It later turned out that Britney had selected his photo from an array of potential models for the gig, though he did not know that at first.

Britney and Sam on the Trail

Sam Asghari spoke to GQ, detailing the compelling first impression that Britney made on him half a dozen years ago.

“It was the humbleness that attracted me,” he began.

Sam praised: “She was very humble and she had a beautiful soul.”

Britney on Sam's Birthday

That first impression (and being bold enough to slip his number to her) has led to a powerful relationship for the two of them.

Now, the two are engaged, have set a wedding date, and are trying to have a cild together.

Sam popped the question back in September, ahead and in anticipation of of Britney’s emancipation.

Britney Spears Kisses Sam

It turns out that Sam had help from his sisters and from a friend while he shopped for a ring for his beloved.

Sam didn’t want a ring that was “super big and super celebrity.”

Instead, he explained that wanted “it to represent something.”

Britney and Fiance

“I want it to come from my heart,” Sam continued, “and I want it to go to someone that wasn’t a big jeweler.”

He acknowledged: “It was a big company but it was a company that was willing to do it the way that I wanted it.”

Sam added: “So I designed a really beautiful ring. It’s a princess cut, for a real life princess.”

Sam Asghari

His proposal took Britney by surprise, even after wanting to be married for so long.

Sam would have liked to run his plans by her teenage sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, before presenting his ring and question to their mom.

But Sam didn’t let people find out — especially because Britney still being under her conservatorship could have changed everything for them.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari in Miami

“I didn’t want anybody to know and anybody to interfere in any way whatsoever so it was between me and her,” Sam reasoned.

In fact, reports said that even after they became engaged, they could not realistically begin wedding plans until after Jamie was fully out of her finances.

Why? Because she wouldn’t be able to draft her own prenup or make her own plans without him having to sign off on everything. A non-starter.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Engaged

Some people’s responses to Britney and Sam’s love story have been … toxic.

If it’s not people accusing him of being an “agent” working for her dad (what dad hires a hot model to bone his daughter?), it’s people saying that the hard-working fitness expert is just after her money.

Though he and Britney bought each other Rolexes for their engagement, he revealed that fans may be surprise.

Britney and Sam Board a Plane

Sam was an open book about the couple’s finances — as much as he could be without sharing Britney’s business.

The two take turns paying for dinner, just like normal couples (and friends) do every day.

They also do not have a joint bank account.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari, Black and White

Sam is actually a frugal guy, admitting that he would be fine living “off of $60 a day.”

Years of fame and the lifestyle demands that go with that mean that Britney has “expensive taste,” so the two compromise.

“I am careful with money because I do want to build a future for my children,” Sam noted. “If you came to this country, you came with a purpose. You don’t come here to goof around.”

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