‘Dangerous And Deadly’ Heat Wave Sweeping Southwest This Weekend


From California to South Texas, Southwestern states are expecting a major heat wave this weekend, according to the National Weather Service, an unusually early start to high temperatures in some areas as scientists continue to warn about the effects of climate change.

Key Facts

The National Weather Service issued numerous heat advisories for this weekend, warning people to protect themselves by staying inside, hydrating and avoiding outdoor activities during the hottest hours of the day.

In Death Valley – one of the hottest places in the world – temperatures on Friday and Saturday are expected to reach 122 degrees, a possible record, while Las Vegas could see highs of 109 degrees.

The Weather Service in Reno, Nevada, noted these potentially record-setting highs were unusual this early in the summer.

Because this is the first major heat wave of the season, many may be more affected by the severe weather than normal, according to meteorologists.

Heat advisories are likely to end Saturday night or Sunday.

Key Background

Excessive heat is expected to dominate this summer, according to a recent climate report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which found above-normal temperatures are expected in all of the lower 48 states this month, the New York Times reported. The NOAA also found lower rates of precipitation will occur in the west this summer, making it unlikely the historic drought the area is facing will end anytime soon. Due to manmade climate change, the frequency and intensity of heatwaves will only get worse, scientists say.

Big Number

Forecast highs for the weekend include 112 degrees in Phoenix, 106 degrees in Sacramento, 109 degrees in Las Vegas and 122 degrees in Death Valley.

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