Erika Jayne: Maybe All These Alleged “Victims” Got Paid and Lied About It!

Viewers have all witnessed how Erika Jayne has been extremely defensive in recent years, to the detriment of her own public image.

Season 12 has not seen a major change in that.

While we can all understand that Erika’s life is falling apart and that she is also suffereing from a PR crisis, is victim-blaming the answer?

Because Erika recently suggested that maybe some of the victims were already paid the money that they say that they are owed. No.

Erika Jayne’s life turned upside down, and things haven’t settled — metaphorically in her life, or more literally in the legal sense.

Tom Girardi has been accused of embezzling millions of dollars, stealing money meant for victims of a deadly plane crash.

Despite the innuendo and charged comments from attorneys looking to collect for their clients, there has not been any proof that Erika was aware of the crime, let alone involved.

Erika Jayne Resents Being Badmouthed

That has not changed how many have viewed her since the scandal became public, however.

Numerous alleged victims have come forward and said that Tom Girardi and his law firm owe them money that they were never paid.

In a recent episode, Erika made a return trip to Kyle Richards’ house in La Quinta.

Erika Jayne Turns Her Eye to a Castmate

There, Erika recalled how over-the-top and emotionally expressive she had been the year before, aggressively going after anyone questioning her.

“When I was here a year ago it was so crushing and I’m so glad that we’ve moved past all of our s–t,” she stated.

“I’d also like to thank you all for accepting me for the wild animal that I was,” she told her castmates.

Erika Jayne Makes Claims to Garcelle Beauvais

Erika explained that, at the time, she had felt backed into a corner — not just then, but every day.

Now, though her life is still topsy-turvy, she felt that she had had the chance to catch her breath after a massive transition period.

“For twelve months now I have been dragged through the mud for something that I didn’t do, never happened,” Erika explained.

Erika Jayne Wants a New Public Enemy

While that can certainly be draining, does it really explain all of her behavior?

Garcelle could not help but ask Erika a question on many people’s minds:

Why has she not displayed compassion for her ex-husband’s victims?

Erika Jayne with Weird Hair

Erika’s response was so wildly over-the-top that it really sheds light upon her mental state in recent years.

“We are not even sure that there were people who weren’t paid,” Erika claimed.

Viewers were stunned. Very visibly, so was Kyle.

Garcelle Beauvais' Listening Face

“You’re saying that we don’t know for a fact that these people weren’t paid? These victims?” Kyle asked.

Clearly, she had hoped that she had misunderstood or misheard. She had not.

“That’s right, exactly right,” Erika confirmed.

Garcelle Beauvais Has a Very Fair Question

We all know that sometimes, people involved in a lawsuit on one side or another are not acting in good faith.

However, Garcelle could not help but ask why so many people, who had been through such an ordeal, would fabricate the same story.

“They would just go live their lives,” Garcelle suggested.

Erika Jayne on an Episode

“You can alleged anything in a lawsuit Garcelle,” Erika replied.

That is certainly true. Wildly unfounded lawsuits win. Earnest, provable lawsuits are defeated. That’s our justice system.

But for so many people to lodge the same complaint and stick to the story for years … that’s tough for many people to accept. Even if it were true, it would be shocking.

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