The unexpected image of Katie Holmes in love surprised fans with frankness

Could you repeat the stylish and bold move of the actress?
A week ago, Tom Cruise’s ex-wife and mother of his daughter Katie Holmes made her red carpet debut at the Moth Ball Gala along with her new boyfriend Bobby Wooten III.

The actress, beaming with happiness, sincerely smiled at the reporters’ cameras and did not leave her companion a single step.

It seems that a new love inspired a celebrity to bold experiments: a photo appeared on Katie’s social networks, taken during her next project.

The actress tried on a black laconic trench coat, white over-the-knee boots with a round cape, wide block heels, and a gray T-shirt, which she tucked into underwear.

So far, Katie’s outfits like this appear only on her social networks, but perhaps Bobby Wooten will encourage her lover to be bolder at social events as well? A-lister enhanced the skin of her porcelain with natural, complimentary make-up when she did her best pose.

Back on May 26, Katie looked so cute when she made her red carpet debut with boyfriend Bobby Votten III at The Mothball 25th Anniversary Gala at Spring Studios in New York City. Holmes wore her long bronze tees pulled back for the night and added to her stylish look with a pair of gold earrings.

The beauty wore minimal make-up for the occasion, with her natural features shining with black eyeliner and pink lipstick.

The couple unveiled their relationship last month when they shook hands in New York City’s Central Park. Sources close to Katie had earlier told E! The news is that Katie and Bobby met through friends, adding that their relationship was “working well.”


“Katie is excited and very happy to see someone,” the insider explained. “She enjoys being with someone in her life, and she is very kind and nice to him.”

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