Chris Evans And Lizzo Ready To Take Relationship To Next Level

Chris Evans and Lizzo have had a back forth going on via social media for quite a while now and fans cannot get enough of it. The hilarious exchanges between the actor and the singer have kept fans, and the two artists themselves, very entertained.

Keeping in mind this dialogue that has been underway, Chris Evans was asked at the Buzz Lightyear solo film premiere whether a Lizzo collaboration looks likely in the future, such as Lizzo doing the soundtrack of a Chris Evans movie. Evans did not confirm anything but he said he’s heard some “rumblings” regarding that rumor and that he hopes it comes to be true but at the moment he is as clueless as anyone.

When Chris was poked and prodded more on the subject, Captain America simply said that it is too soon to say anything about it.

The entire situation began when Lizzo first expressed her “thirst” for Captain Rogers revealing on social media that she had slipped into Cap’s DMs while drunk to which Evans responded that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a few drunk DMs given the fact that he has done way worse on his social media.

The joke between the two continued with Lizzo appearing on her Tik Tok and announcing that she is pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby. Lizzo doubled down and said that all the rumor surrounding her and Evans’ baby are true.

Evans responded and played along with the joke in classic Evans fashion saying he is very happy to hear about their “little America,” and his mother will be very excited to hear the news as well. Captain America had only one request that the two hold no gender reveal parties for the baby. It seems old Cap is not down with the new trends.


The hilarious and flirty situation between the “Truth Hurts,” singer and the “Lightyear,” actor continues to evolve and fans love every bit of it. If the whole thing culminates with an actual professional collaboration between the two, it is pretty much a given that fans will lose it.

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