Kim Kardashian bleached her eyebrows

Five years ago, we all drew wide, graphic eyebrows, but now natural or even bleached eyebrows are in trend. Kim Kardashian ‘s, usually not prone to radical apology appearance, decided on this experiment. Was she inspired by a former rival?

For several weeks now, Julia Fox has appeared at all events with light eyebrows and signature dramatic makeup with an emphasis on the eyes. This trend really suits her, but what about Kim?

The star shared a new bold image with subscribers on social networks. Kim brightened her eyebrows, especially for a photo shoot for the new collection of her brand Skims.

Whether she will leave them as they are or will soon return to the feeding color is unknown. But Kim is that very rare case when a star is fine both with and without eyebrows.

With dark eyebrows, the look of the reality star becomes more languid, and with clarified eyebrows, it becomes more open, and the eyes seem even larger. And the fans agree with us! “Very beautiful!”, “Oh, you are so cute,” “This is what perfection looks like,” “A flawless woman,” the admiring followers commented on the pictures.

Speaking of romance, Kardashian’s latest sexy photoshoot came a day after she revealed that she and boyfriend Pete Davidson were doing “really, really good” during The Kardashians’ episode on Thursday.

“Pete and I have been dating for months,” he explained to the producers. “We’re doing really, really good. Pete said, ‘I’m going to move on. Just wait.’ He knew he said, ‘I’ll give her four months, and you’ll go mad.’


I was like, well, we’ll see; “When asked if they use the L-word together, he said,” I don’t know if this is your business. According to Kim’s post, the new pieces are part of SKIMS’s “Romance” collection and will be available for purchase on Monday (June 13).

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