Kingdom Hearts 4’s Graphics Power ‘Kind Of Limits’ the Number Of Disney Worlds That Can Be Included

Disney worlds have been a staple of the beloved Kingdom Hearts series since the first game released in 2002. According to a new interview with game director Tetsuya Nomura at Game Informer, fans of those magical, nostalgia-filled worlds might see fewer of them in Kingdom Hearts 4 due to graphical limitations.

Fans of those Disney-based worlds shouldn’t fret, though. Nomura confirms “players are definitely going to see a few Disney worlds in there” and fans “don’t need to worry” about their inclusion.

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He goes on to say that Kingdom Hearts 4 “might feel slightly different from previous Kingdom Hearts titles.” We’ve gotten one look at the upcoming game, and it shows Sora in a world called Quadratum that looks close to our own. It is definitely a departure from the more fantasy-based worlds in the first three installments and their various spin-offs.

“As far as the graphic qualities … since with each new title, the specs have been really increasing and there’s so much more we can do in terms of graphics, it kind of limits the number of worlds that we can create in a sense,” Nomura explains.

It’s safe to say we should see a blend of Disney worlds and new areas. Earlier this year, Nomura teased that Quadratum is more of an “afterworld” and isn’t the real world despite featuring real life locations like Shibuya.

In April’s reveal trailer, some eagle-eyed fans noticed the foot of an AT-ST from the Star Wars series in a jungle setting. This has led many to speculate that Sora, Donald, and Goofy might be venturing to Endor. If so, this would be the first time the Disney franchise would be featured in the hit game series.

Regardless of what Disney worlds will be featured in Kingdom Hearts 4, there are still a number of questions we have following April’s reveal trailer. Be sure and check out our list of burning questions we have about Kingdom Hearts 4 including where the heck Donald and Goofy have ended up.

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