Shooter Dev Makes Joke ‘White Blood’ Mod After Fans Complain About Blood Effects

Selaco (YouTube)

There will be red blood in the game, Altered Orbit stated back in February, but that’s not what the studio has shown in most clips. This lack of normal red blood has led to a flurry of complaints from Gamers™ all over the studio’s social media accounts. There are complaints in YouTube comments and Twitter DMs. There are posts about blood on the Steam general discussions page. There are even complaints on forum pages dating back to April 2021, with the studio defending the colors because “Xenomorphs, predators, and Halo covenant aliens don’t bleed red either.”


Still, folks didn’t want to see pink or purple blood despite lore reasons for the color that Altered Orbit briefly laid out in February. It looks like “pepto bizmall” or “someone spilled jelly on my screen,” according to two separate comments in an April 9 Selaco YouTube video.

These complaints seemingly inspired Metacorp to drop a joke about releasing a mod for Selaco’s blood effects. While it doesn’t appear to be available for public download right now, it’s dubbed “Selacoom” and it swaps the blood color from the default pink and purple to cum white. I guess guns get horny, too.


Some were lewdly excited about the fake “Selacoom” mod. One user simply said “skeet,” while others made some silly ejaculation jokes. Still, there was one person “really wishing” the blood was red and not white. So, the Beyond Sunset developer delivered and released an actual red blood effects mod for Selaco while Altered Orbit works on the official color palette. Unlike the cum mod, you can actually download and use this one.


When contacted over Discord DMs, the Metacorp developer who created the “Selacoom” mod told Kotaku that Selaco’s author and lead developer noticed some “recurring comments” across various YouTube videos on the game in May. As such, while it was “a bit of an accident,” he said the inspiration for the cum mod came from a random Twitch chatter.

“I originally intended to make a red blood mod, so I created a photoshop action to bulk-process Selaco’s sprites and convert the neon-pink color to a blood-red color,” the developer explained. “But there were some inconsistencies with the color indices for Selaco’s sprites, so it ended up putting them out as greyscale instead of red. I was doing this at roughly the same time my friend [and Twitch streamer] DumpstermanTTV was livestreaming Selaco, and he mentioned on-stream the blood color, and one of the people in chat humorously suggested it looked like cum. Obviously, the collision of me having a bunch of white blood sprites and the inspiration from a Twitch stream made me think this would be really funny.”


Kotaku has reached out to Altered Orbit for comment.

It’s unclear when Selaco will fully release and if it’ll hit consoles. For now, you can check it out during the Steam Next Fest, which runs until June 20.


As for the Metacorp developer, he said he wouldn’t mind if someone created a similarly horny mod for Beyond Sunset.

“I’m happy my video got a laugh,” the developer said. “If someone wants to make a ‘Beyond Cumset,’ we won’t complain.” Yeah, neither would I.

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