4-Year-Old Hilariously Takes ‘Very Big Poo’ In Store Display Toilet As Mom Watches In Horror!

Social media users are losing their s**t (pun TOTALLY intended!) after a series of pics went mega-viral on Facebook this week showing a toddler taking a “very big poo” in a storeroom display toilet!!

His mortified parents were then forced to watch in embarrassment and horror, since the 4-year-old boy started his antics behind their backs and then “needed to finish” before they could get him off the phony potty!

Oh nooooo!!

A woman named Caroline Akhtar was in a B&Q home store in the UK city of Glastonbury over the weekend with her partner Aaron, who goes by Azzy, and their three children, including 4-year-old son Jacob.

While Caroline and Azzy were busy shopping for some things they needed for the family’s home, Jacob hobbled over to a storeroom display toilet in one of the home improvement shop’s sections. And well, you know, nature called! Before mom and dad could realize what was going on, the little man opened the lid, pulled down his pants, hopped on the seat, and did his business!!!

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Terrified — and also dying with laughter over the unfortunate situation — Caroline commemorated the HIGHlarious moment her son took the “very big poo” in the display toilet with an FB post:

“Can’t quite believe what’s happened. J has taken a very big poo in one of the B&Q display toilets.”

Shocked at her son’s brazen bathroom move, Caroline explained how she was sadly too late to prevent the smelly situation:

“Only went in for a washing line, turned around and J is sat on one of the toilets. Ran to say get off but it was very much too late”

Hey, the kid’s got business to do!

It sounds like the little boy had his own incredible sense of humor about it, too. Caroline wrapped up the post by explaining how Jacob took his sweet time finishing in the display toilet:

“I left to get wet wipes and came back to him still sat on there because he ‘needed to finish’ and hubby didn’t know what else to do. The young shop assistant couldn’t stop laughing but also completely ignored the situation, don’t blame the lad”


BTW, you can see poopy pics of the boy’s bathroom blunder HERE.

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After going hugely viral on Facebook, with more than 39,000 worldwide shares on the app as of Wednesday morning, Caroline and Azzy sat down with the hosts of the daytime TV show This Morning to recount the event!

Speaking to hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, the mom of three laughed almost the entire interview while trying to explain how their son got himself into such a compromising situation:

“[The kids] were just running around and next minute we notice Jacob, shorts down, sat on the toilet. So we ran over, but it was just too late. He tried to blame his sister. He said, ‘She said it’s okay to use this toilet.’”

Thankfully, this feel-good story already appears to be destined to become a happy memory. Caroline explained her son’s mindset about his now-infamous bowel movement to the daytime TV hosts:

“He’s none the wiser about what he did. He already has such a funny, laid back attitude, he can laugh at himself, see the funny side of life, so I imagine he’s going to find it funny.”

That’s incredible!

Here’s more from This Morning re-living the hilarious moment this week (below):

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[Image via Home Depot/YouTube]

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Jun 15, 2022 10:46am PDT

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