All Rise Season 3 Episode 2 Review: The Game

I felt like I was watching an episode of Law and Order: SVU with the assault case they highlighted.

The controversial case in All Rise Season 3 Episode 2 included social media influencer Gigi Raymond (ex-Days Olivia Rose Keegan), who accused famous hockey star Tyler Pierce of assaulting her.

This case elicited many emotions because it was realistic. It also pitted Mark and Amy against each other, with Mark representing Gigi and Amy defending Tyler and trying to make him look like a saint.

These kinds of he-said-she-said assault cases are the hardest. They’re not always black and white. Sometimes there is some grey, and the character image is everything.

Sometimes, this hurts the victim and helps the abuser. Gigi was a popular influencer. However, since she documented everything, it made people wonder if this was another ploy to win fans.

The Social Media Influencer - All Rise Season 3 Episode 2

Amy tried to exploit that throughout the trial. Initially, Amy wanted a plea deal for simple battery, but Mark’s new assistant, Teddy Biswas, convinced Lola that the case was too traumatic.

While I understood that DAs have to be vicious, I hated how Amy spoke about Gigi.

Amy: Gigi Raymond is a self-serving scammer who engaged in consensual sex play. A felony charge is outrageous.
Mark: The defendant used a few dirty texts to cover for strangling a woman to unconsciousness.

Using a sexual assault versus a domestic violence charge may have helped this case too.

The lawyers were so concerned about semantics, such as the two people had to have been in a relationship for the DV charge to stand.

Prepping Gigi - All Rise Season 3 Episode 2

While Mark wanted to help Gigi, he also grew frustrated with her social media antics. He knew how vital image could be to the jury and how dirty his fiance could play.

Gigi: So, you want me to be this delicate little flower? That’s the only way those 12 idiots will believe me?
Mark: Like it or not, those idiots are the only people who can put Pierce behind bars.

In a perfect world, sexual assault and domestic violence cases would be decided solely on the facts and the photos. We don’t live in that world, and lawyers can bend facts to make anyone look good.

When Gigi thought they were all against her, Sara reached her by telling her to think of her followers.

Did you ever think that maybe some of your followers are victims of violence? You can speak to them before their lives are destroyed or, worse, ended. Stop just thinking about yourself!


Gigi appeared tough, so she didn’t want to break down in front of her followers. However, thinking she could help someone by sharing her story related to her.

The Famous Hockey Player - All Rise Season 3 Episode 2

Amy and Mark painted very pictures of their clients. After Gigi had admitted that she and the defendant had engaged in rough foreplay before he crossed the line and punched and strangled her, Amy painted her in a worse light.

The internet makes most conversations traceable, so Amy found dirty texts that Gigi had sent Tyler before the assault.

Again, it was hard watching Amy treat an assault victim like this and make her read the texts aloud.

Even if someone has foreplay, if they don’t give consent for sex or anything else, it’s assault.

You’d be shocked by who goes home and beats up who they supposedly love.


No Favorites - All Rise Season 3 Episode 2

It seemed that Lola also hated the three-ring circus. She reiterated that she didn’t want favoritism shown to the athlete, yet she wanted him to get a fair trial.

On the other hand, Amy wanted to prove Tyler was a saint who was wrongly accused. She dug into what charities he donated to and almost made him look like the victim. It even made Ness uncomfortable with that strategy.

It almost worked, but Mark and Teddy were determined to prove that Tyler was the villain. Teddy might be new but knew how to play the game, especially with a young defendant and victim.

Mark needs to keep him involved in other cases.

Awaiting the Verdict - All Rise Season 3 Episode 2

Image and overt favoritism did prevail, though. Tyler Pierce was proclaimed innocent.

However, he and everyone else was surprised by how many fans showed up at the courthouse demanding justice for Gigi. Was she really attacked, or was it a ploy to get more attention?

Both Amy and Mark are formidable opponents in the courtroom, but it’s worrisome that this case made them argue even more.

After two episodes, they have yet to set a wedding date. Mark is impatient for Amy to become his wife, so hopefully, we won’t have to wait long.

Holistic Law - All Rise Season 3 Episode 2

Emily Lopez has always had big dreams. Since All Rise Season 1, she has been interested in helping survivors of domestic violence and mental health.

Unsurprisingly, she wanted to work in holistic law, where she could help the defendant get back on their feet and not just with one case.

Emily was made for this kind of work. The challenge is in the funding. The men at the Bar Panel practically laughed in her face.

I wonder if Emily and Luke will team up. They both have a soft spot for defendants with potential and work well together on cases. Even if they’re just friends currently, these two ooze connection.

Sherri's Mistake - All Rise Season 3 Episode 2

Unfortunately, one of our favorite relationships may be in trouble. Lola worked hard to retain her seat on the bench, and she still had to prove herself.

This scandal smelled of Corrine Cuthbert. However, when Sherri was volunteering, she did try to get some residents’ covid benefits, which looked like she was buying votes.

I cannot believe that this could escalate. The election could be nullified. I could use my judgeship, all credibility.


It’s devastating that Sherri’s mistake could cost Lola her job, but what’s worse is the awkwardness of their interactions.

Sherri used to be so bouncy and fun; now, she’s ultra-formal.

A New Beginning - All Rise Season 3 Episode 2

Over to you, All Rise Fanatics. Will Lola and Sheri be able to mend their friendship?

Where will Emily find her funding for her holistic law venture? Are she and Luke destined just to be friends? Chime in below in the comments.

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