Arrest Made In Horrific Case Of Texas Mom Found Stuffed In Trunk

The family of a missing mother of four found dead in the trunk of her car last month may finally be closer to getting some closure.

In case you hadn’t seen the case, Angela Leann Mitchell of Dickinson, Texas was last seen on May 5; her family reported her missing the day after. The poor girl was just 24 years old.

When speaking with Eyewitness News last month, the victim’s mother Georgia Mitchell came forward with information on her daughter’s disappearance:

“It had become 24 hours since my last contact with her. When I tried to find out why she didn’t respond to me it went straight to voicemail and I couldn’t track her on the locator on our phones anymore. I started getting sick to my stomach.”

Georgia apparently had access to a location service on her daughter’s phone, which stopped working before 10pm on May 5th. It was noted earlier in the day, however, they were able to track Angela’s location to Texas City — which is about 12 miles from her hometown of Dickinson. A police document said Angela’s phone was last pinged to a home in the Lago Mar subdivision on the day she went missing. Her mother tracked the phone’s final location ping and was able to locate Angela’s car — which was parked 20 minutes away on the 400 block of Street North.

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She alleges she “begged” police officers to search the car at the time but was dismissed:

“I met police officers at her vehicle here in Texas City after filing a missing person report and I begged them. I begged them to please search my daughter’s car. ‘Please search my daughter’s car. Please investigate this’. I begged. I begged the police officers and they just dismissed me.”

She mentioned afterward that she didn’t “suspect” her daughter’s body was in the trunk, but she did find the location where the car was parked to be “strange”.

Angela’s body was discovered after residents of the Lago Mar neighborhood began complaining of a foul smell coming from the car and called police. Officers arrived on scene and opened the trunk of the car, where they found her body — 6 days after her disappearance — interestingly enough, right where her mother begged police to check.

Just awful… Well, law enforcement certainly took the case seriously after that. About a month later, an arrest has been made!

(c) Texas City Police Department

The suspect was identified as Christopher Lee Maldonado. He was arrested during a routine traffic stop and charged with tampering/fabricating physical evidence with intent to impair. He is currently being held on a $200,000 bond in Galveston County Jail.

Disturbingly, Maldonado actually worked for the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office as a corrections officer — meaning he’s being held at his old workplace! According to Houston’s ABC13, he was relieved of duty after being charged with assault back in 2019.

Police have been contacted for a statement by ABC13, but have not released any information on how the arrest went down. It’s also unclear how this man connects to the woman’s death and why he was even a suspect in the first place.

Angela leaves behind four children, two sons and two daughters. Her cause of death is still under investigation and an autopsy is underway. Our hearts go out to the grieving family — especially these young children who lost their mother…

[Image via YouTube/KPRC 2 Click2Houston/GoFundMe]

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