CodeSpark Academy Offers A Fun Way To Teach Kids The Basics Of Coding

It’s never too early to get children interested in technology, and this discounted app from CodeSpark makes it easy to both entertain and inspire the programmers of tomorrow. Discounted to just $10 (or $18 for two accounts ), CodeSpark Academy helps kids between the ages of four and nine learn the basics of coding by walking them through a series of logic puzzles disguised as colorful games.

While your preschooler won’t be developing the next Stardew Valley with CodeSpark Academy, they will get exposure to many of the underlying concepts that are vital in the world of programming. For example, the app offers a variety of games and puzzles that discuss sequencing, looping, conditional statements, and Boolean logic.

Each account comes with unlimited, three-month access to all its content. If you need a second account, you can bundle two together for the discounted price of $18 . CodeSpark Academy can run on iOS, Android, FireOS, and PC. New content is released every month, so there’s bound to be something interesting that catches your child’s eye over the course of this three-month subscription.

If you are more interested in programming than your kids, be sure to check out this new deal from ZENVA, which bundles 15 hours of coursework into a single package for $30. Included in the bundle you’ll find classes that cover game development with Godot, Unreal, and Unity–and unlike CodeSpark Academy, this bundle offers lifetime access to its content.

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