Cops Search For Men Who Stole $6,000 Worth Of Gas In Florida

Cops Search For Men Who Stole $6,000 Worth Of Gas In Florida

With gas prices soaring across the United States at nearly $5 per gallon and diesel close to $6 per gallon, authorities say thieves are now targeting the pumps. One gas station in St. Cloud, Florida, reported this month that two men stole nearly 1,100 gallons of diesel fuel. Now, police are on the hunt for the slick suspects.

According to investigators, the suspects showed up at the central Florida gas station in two, white F250 pickup trucks, filling up tanks in the bed of the trucks. Officers say the stolen fuel was worth about $6,000.

“Throughout the afternoon, they’re taking turns going to that pump, pump number three I think it was, a number of times over some hours,” said St. Cloud Police Sgt. Wayne Souza.

Cops are still looking for leads after the June 1st robbery.

Reports Of Stolen Gas Pop Up Across The Country

Florida isn’t the only place where stolen gas is being reported. In the Houston area, a clerk tried to confront gas thieves with a stick, according to ABC news. The suspects also got away after thieves robbed the business several times in the past four months for fuel. The owner told police the company lost an estimated $20,000 in 12 separate diesel thefts.

In similar incidents across the states, experts say the thieves are tampering with a “pulsator” in the pump to avoid paying.

“That reads the meter on how many gallons and what you pay for that fuel. By changing the pulsator, they can change the retail price to a penny a gallon,” said Ned Bowman, Exec. Dir. Of the Florida Petroleum Marketers Association.

He says as soon as cops bust one gas theft ring; another one seems to pop up.

“I know we’re working very closely with law enforcement from the federal and state levels,” Bowman said.

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