Fans Gush Over Blue Ivy’s Hair At NBA Game With Jay-Z; Call Her Beyonce’s Twin

Beyonce has made a name for herself through her exceptional singing skills and breathtaking beauty. The star is famous for her music and looks and fans adore her. With her fierce personality and beautiful voice, she’s stolen the heart of many.

Just like Beyonce, Blue Ivy is no less in beauty. Recently photographed at the NBA finals where the Golden State Warriors played against the Boston Celtics, Blue Ivy was seen attending the game alongside her father Jay-Z .

The match had taken place in San Francisco, California on June 13, at the Chase Centre. The Warriors had won the game with a score of 104-94, putting the team in the lead by 3-2 against the Celtics.

Although the match was exciting for all, it wasn’t the only highlight of the day. Blue was seen wearing an all-black ensemble and was seen rocking her curls. The two were shown on the Jumbotron as the sports announcer shared with the audience about Jay-Z being in the house.

Jay-Z is the father of Blue Ivy and the husband of Beyonce. He’s one of the top rappers in the world so it makes sense that everyone wanted to see Jay-Z at the game.

During the introduction, Jay-Z put his arm around his daughter and smiled but the ten-year-old was seen trying to move her father’s arm. It was unclear what she said to him but she was seen saying “Dad, my hair.”

Fans loved Blue’s appearance and compared her to Beyonce, calling them twins. Beyonce is known for having a perfect appearance at all times and that was also what Blue Ivy was shown to be doing as she tried to maintain the beauty of her hair. She looked adorable trying to keep her hair in place just like her mom would.


Fans also discussed Blue Ivy’s hair, saying that a good hairdo could never be messed up. Fans enjoyed her little act and thought she was adorable. Blue Ivy has grown up in the spotlight due to her famous parents and it seems like she’ll continue to do so. Fans adore Blue already and call her beautiful all the time.

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