Hands On: WaterField ‘CitySlicker’ Analogue Pocket Case

Image: Nintendo Life / Damien McFerran

If you’re lucky enough to own an Analogue Pocket then you might be somewhat intimidated by the sheer range of storage options available right now. Analogue has its own hard-shell plastic case, but WaterField Designs now has three different choices on offer: the Pack, the Pouch and – more recently – the CitySlicker, an Analogue Pocket-sized take on one of its most popular products.

Like previous versions of the CitySlicker design, one of the big selling points of this case is the leather flap which is secured via a hidden magnet on the front. This makes opening and closing the case effortless, but it does also mean that it’s easier for potential thieves to gain access to the Analogue Pocket when you’re not paying full attention. Still, the CitySlicker is designed to sit across your body, so you should be able to spot if any unwelcome hands make a grab for your precious FPGA-powered investment. As you can see from the images on this page, the sample we were sent has the white/black leather flap, but other colour options are available.

The ‘ultrasuede’ interior provides a pretty tight grip on the console, too, which means it’s unlikely to slide out when the bag is upside down. This lining also prevents the Analogue Pocket from getting scratched or marked when you take it in and out, protecting the machine even further.

On the front, there’s a small pocket which is covered by the leather flap when closed, and this can be used to store a spare cartridge or cable. The back has a larger compartment which is secured with a self-locking zipper. This means you’ve got more storage space than you have with the WaterField Analogue Pocket Pouch, but not as much as is afforded by the roomy Analogue Pocket Pack.

We found that the two compartments were just about suitable to carry around our Game Boy / Game Boy Advance flash cart, Game Gear flash cart and Game Gear adapter, but it’s an awfully tight fit. Chances are, most people will just want to carry around a spare cart and perhaps a charging cable, so the CitySlicker will be just fine.

The sample we were sent by WaterField came with a carabiner, but this is an optional accessory at $3 – as are the wrist strap ($15) and shoulder ‘sling’ strap ($19). When you consider that the CitySlicker is $79 on its own, it’s a shame that you’re not getting a ‘complete’ carry solution; we’d like to have at least seen the sling strap included at that price.

As with all of WaterField’s products, the CitySlicker is premium quality at a premium price. We dare say you could easily pick up another generic (and cheaper) carry case that will suit your Analogue Pocket, but if money is no object and you want something that stands out on the street, then this is a solid option.

Thanks to WateField Designs for supplying the Analogue Pocket ‘CitySlicker’ used in this feature.

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