Marilyn Monroe Dress That Kim Kardashian Wore Was Returned Damaged; Collector Says Lending It Was Irresponsible

Kim Kardashian recently caught the attention of pretty much every camera in her vicinity (as she often does) when she wore an iconic Marilyn Monroe dress to the Met Gala . The dress was worn by Marilyn Monroe when she gave her famous performance of Happy Birthday for President John F Kennedy in 1962.

No doubt the people lending the dress to Kim Kardashian were doing it for the publicity but one collector, who has also collected several other Marilyn Monroe related artefacts, was furious over the matter and said that lending the dress to Kim K was irresponsible.

Photos were posted by collector Scott Fortner showing damage to the dress which brought a lot of heat down at Kim K but the collector made it clear that his remarks were not meant to be against Kim, rather he just wished that there has been measures in place to protect the dress.

The collector said that the dress is not just a dress but rather an iconic piece of American history and should have been treated as such. “This is a cultural icon. It’s a political icon. It’s a Hollywood icon,” said Fortner.

The historic dress has over 6000 little crystals sewn into it manually by hand by Jean Louis and the original cost of the dress at the time had been $12,000.

The collector pointed out that the damage to the dress was irreparable since the cloth that was used to make the dress was no longer available in markets today.

However, the collector stated once again that Kim Kardashian is catching a lot of heat for the incident and it was never his intention to defame the model/businesswoman like that but he was only expressing his grief over the fact that such an important piece of American political history and Hollywood history was not better taken care of.

President John F Kennedy was no stranger to allegations against his character but his alleged affair with Marilyn Monroe was by far the most popularly discussed which is what makes the 1962 performance and this dress worn in it so iconic.

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