More Elden Ring cut content discovered, this time Vyke’s questline

Data miners have been busy scouring Elden Ring for cut content, from dream quests to those mysterious coliseums.

Now Sekiro Dubi has discovered a potential cut questline for Festering Fingerprint Vyke.

Who’s Vyke? Why, he’s the guy on the cover!

It does seem surprising that FromSoftware would cut content based on the character on the front cover, though I always assumed that was just the player character. I was wrong!

In the final game, players encounter Vyke twice: first as an invasion and second as an Evergaol boss. Yet it seems more may have been intended for him.

Sekiro Dubi has found cut dialogue from Gostoc, who awaits you at the start of Stormveil Castle. He mentions a “repulsive looking knight” wearing armour “melting inwards, practically falling apart” who entered the castle before the player – that would be Vyke.

There is no dialogue or audio left for a Vyke questline, though Sekiro Dubi suspects it did once exist. Based on a spawn location for Vyke, he may have been a summon to fight against a boss in Stormveil Castle.

Godrick is the obvious choice, but a character model for Godfrey has been linked to the Stormveil map too.

So what would this Vyke quest have included? Sekiro Dubi speculates the knight perhaps visited Stormveil to challenge the first Elden Lord. Three rewards are linked to the missing content, though the names have been cut.

Sekiro Dubi has discovered plenty of cut content from Elden Ring, check out their YouTube page for more.

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