New Apex Legends cinematic gives us a glimpse of Lifeline’s backstory, and Octane’s face

Lifeline doesn’t get a lot of love compared to most of the cast of Apex Legends. Not only are they one of the original cast, and have kind of fallen into the background thanks to flashier, more exciting characters, but they aren’t particularly good either.

However, there’s some hope for the trusty support, as we’ve gotten a new Stories from the Outlands cinematic where she, alongside childhood friend Octane, go on a medicine heist and overcome some parental expectation all while dodging bullets and explosions. Fun stuff.

Watch the cinematic for yourself here!

Going in, you’d expect some deep dives into character motivation for joining up in the Apex Games, as well as an entertaining show for any and all invested in the narrative threads that weave between the battle royale, comics, and other scattered lore across the internet. However, what you may not have expected is a first ever look at Octane’s face.

This, as you could imagine, went down a treat among the Apex community, many of whom were torn between an overall feeling of surprise at seeing the typically masked contestant and shock at how bizarrely handsome he turned out to be behind the mask and goggles. That, alongside his appearance with his natural legs, rather than the prosthetics he earned through blowing them off with grenades, made him a star of the show for many.

Is it a tad ironic how Lifeline, one of the least memorable or popular characters in Apex Legends kind of got overshadowed in their own cinematic? Absolutely. Does that take away from the quality of the cinematic overall? Absolutely not! Lifeline still managed to make a great impression here, and who knows, maybe she’ll get some more time to shine in the future.

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