OMG! Onlookers Horrified As Gorillas Chase Dog Who Got Into Zoo Enclosure!

Dozens of visitors to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park were witnesses to a potentially scary incident last week after a dog got loose inside the gorilla exhibit!

The dog, which appeared to be some kind of Shepherd mix, was filmed by startled park attendees while running through the gorilla enclosure on Sunday. Understandably shocked by the intrusion into their home, at least two of the large primates gave chase along the path in front of zoo guests.

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Zookeepers were able to quickly remove the dog from the enclosure. And thankfully, neither the dog nor any of the gorillas appear to have been injured or otherwise affected. So that’s definitely good!

But as you can see (below), the brief incident made for some very tense times for parkgoers who watched it happen:


According to CBS 8 San Diego, there were reportedly TWO different dogs set loose in the park at the time the incident occurred. Only one got into the gorilla enclosure. It’s unclear how man’s best friend got into the zoo in the first place, but both were captured by animal handlers and taken to a shelter.

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And we are VERY relieved to report that there is a happy ending to this story! The San Diego Humane Society took control of both dogs, and they have been caring for them since. In fact, the animal org decided to name the dog which entered the gorilla enclosure Mighty Joe Young, after the movie. Ha!!

As you can see in this follow-up news story from Monday (below), Mighty Joe Young is doing well under the watchful eye of San Diego’s animal rights folks as they work to get him adopted out to a family:

Awww! What a pupper!

So happy everything turned out OK!

[Image via CBS 8 San Diego/YouTube]

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Jun 15, 2022 08:33am PDT

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