Verizon is trying to mitigate recent price hikes with one sweet freebie

It looks like US carriers compete for whichever raises its prices more than the other. AT&T and Verizon announced multiple price hikes that are already live for millions of customers. The fact that they’re calling them “economic adjustment rates” is hilarious and while the first wave of price hikes might not have been so hurtful, especially for Verizon customers, the second one increased the bills considerably.In an effort to mitigate the recent price increase, at least one US carrier is offering customers one sweet freebie. Verizon has just announced that customers on the 5G Start plan will be getting 5GB of mobile hotspot added to their plan at no cost. The extra hotspot data will be available starting tomorrow and there’s no need for you to do anything to get it.

That’s extremely good news for Verizon customers with the 5G Start since this was the only 5G plan that lacked hotspot mobile data. Of course, the deal is available for new and existing customers going forward.

Keep in mind that if you’re on Verizon’s other, more expensive 5G plans, you will not receive the free 5GB of mobile hotspot though.

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