Billie Eilish Suspends London Show When Her Fans Feel Bad

Not so long ago, Kanye West spoke about Billie Eilish ‘s supposedly ostentatious concern for fans, but the singer is nevertheless not ready to sacrifice their health.

Billie briefly took a break from her performance at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday after several fans felt unwell due to the hot weather. “Are you all right? People fainted; they were pulled out. It’s hot, I know,” she told the audience.

When several people complained about being squeezed, the star stopped the music until the pressure in front of the stage eased. “Step back, give everyone some space.

If someone looks a little taken aback, just say so. Do not try to pretend that everything is in order,” added Billie.

By order of the hero of the occasion, water was distributed to all those present, and the situation returned to normal. This is far from the first act of goodwill from Eilish.

In February, she interrupted her performance on the Happier Than Ever tour in Atlanta after noticing that someone was having difficulty breathing. For this reason, the star refused to continue performing until he received an inhaler.

The issue of safety has come under the spotlight after ten people were killed in a stampede during Travis Scott ‘s speech in Houston last year.

Many criticized the reaction of the rescue services and tried to understand why the organizers did not suspend the concert.

The investigation is currently looking into the circumstances that led to the tragedy. So on Saturday night in the O2, the fans took matters into their own hands.

One group, noticing that one of the concertgoers was in trouble, formed a protective circle and turned on their phone lights to alert security. Billie resumed her performance after three minutes and thanked all the security and concert hall staff. Saturday’s concert was the second of six for the popular singer as Eilish continues her Happier Than Ever world tour.

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