Do Yourself A Favor And Listen To Ryu’s New Street Fighter 6 Theme

It should come as no surprise that the longest theme (so far) would go to the series flagship character, but what I didn’t expect was for his theme to be funky as hell. I had to check my tabs to make sure I didn’t have 2 Mello’s music playing in the background by mistake. The flavor text in Ryu’s theme description wasn’t kidding when it said we’ll feel the journey he’s been on throughout the series and the energy SF6 has in store for him. I’d wager part of Ryu’s journey involved an excursion to Jet Set Radio’s Tokyo-to with how groovy “Viator” is.


In contrast to Ryu’s Street Fighter V theme, which had all the pomp and circumstance of a song that would play during the finale of a fantasy anime battle, “Viator” is more modern and upbeat, matching the color splash of graffiti imagery showcased in SF6’s parries and finishers.

“Viator’s” groovy hip hop record scratches intermingled with the euphoric roar of trumpets and licks from what I can assume is a shimasen harmoniously reflect Ryu’s countless battles across the globe while also giving you something to bounce your booty to while kicking people’s asses.


After replaying Ryu’s theme several times today, I started to chuckle at the parental advisory warning at the start of the video viewers that “may contain content inappropriate for children.” Though Ryu’s theme isn’t quite “baby-making music,” it’s pretty close. Let’s just hope for Sakura’s sake Capcom doesn’t put her in SF6 because lord knows what’ll happen if she’s on the opposite end of Ryu’s new theme.

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