Kevin Spacey was officially accused with sexual harassment

Kevin Spacey was officially charged with harassing three men.

62-year-old Theater and film actor Kevin Spacey was officially charged with the sexual harassment of three men. It is reported by The Independent.

British police have confirmed that the artist has already arrived in the country to appear before Westminster Court on Thursday, June 16.

The allegations include statements from three men, two of whom said they were sexually assaulted between 2005 and 2013 while Spacey was artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre . Another alleged victim said that the filmmaker forced him to have penetrative sex without his consent.

Spacey also faces an additional charge of forcing a person to perform sexual acts without their consent.

The actor previously revealed that he would voluntarily appear before a British court to refute the allegations of the alleged victims and prove his innocence.

The accusation of the artist of sexual violence and harassment of three men became known at the end of May this year, after which the producers of the film, with the participation of Kevin Spacey, spoke about the scandal with the actor.

The producers of the detective thriller “Peter Five Eight,” in which the American actor Kevin Spacey played the main role, supported the actor amid the scandal. It is reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s very unfortunate that all this negative news came out the moment Kevin got back to work, but it was to be expected.

There are those who want Kevin Spacey not to act in films, but these people are much less than the fans who are waiting for the actor to return to the screen,” the producers of Peter Five Eight commented on the situation. “It is up to the court to decide whether these accusations are justified,” they said.

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