Mario Kart Tour Datamine Uncovers Evidence Of Battle Mode Content

Image: Nintendo

Nintendo could potentially have some exciting content planned for its free-to-download mobile racer, Mario Kart Tour.

A recent datamine by game developer Koopavocelot (via kart_tour) suggests Battle Mode courses may be added to the game in the near future. In the most recent Tour update, multiple sound files for Battle Mode tracks have been spotted.

These include sound files for GCN Cookie Land, DS Twilight House, Tour Paris Promenade, New York Minute and GBA Battle Course 1.

While sound files don’t necessarily guarantee anything related to a Battle Mode will be released in the future, this is definitely an interesting development for the mobile version of Mario Kart.

How would you feel about a Battle Mode being added to Mario Kart Tour? Would you like to see the console series get some more content like this? Leave your own thoughts down below.

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