Overwatch 2 Beta Sign-Ups Now Live: Dates And Details For PC/Console Test

Overwatch 2 arrives on October 4, but you don’t have to wait that long to try out the new PvP. Closed beta tests include the new game modes, new heroes, and the tweaked returning characters, not only whetting your appetite for the full game, but also providing Blizzard with feedback it can implement to improve it. The next beta starts on June 28 for both PC and consoles, and you can sign up to play in it right now.

How to sign up for the Overwatch 2 closed beta

Signing up for the Overwatch 2 closed betas is easy. First, head over to the Overwatch website and make sure you’re logged into your Battle.net account. Once that’s done, look at the top portion of the page and you’ll see an orange “request beta access” button. This will send you to the bottom of the page, which features a dropdown menu for your platform of choice. Make this selection and hit the orange button underneath.

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Registering your interest doesn’t guarantee you access to the beta, but it is your best shot at taking part in the upcoming test. You also don’t get rolled over into the new beta if you participated in the late-April alpha. Your platform choice can also play a role, as Blizzard is aiming to get enough people on each supported platform so it can better test its cross-play implementation.

What’s included in the Overwatch 2 closed beta

The next Overwatch 2 closed beta will include access to a new map, as well as the new Junker Queen hero. Junker Queen is a tank who was designed specifically for 5-hero teams, meaning she uses a more aggressive style than traditional tanks like Reinhardt. She also has access to a throwing knife attached to a chain, which not only damages enemies but can pull them toward her when it’s recalled.

The closed beta is also coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch rather than just PC. Because of this, Blizzard is using it as a way to test cross-play across systems.

This beta arrives as Blizzard is separating the PvP and PvE components of Overwatch 2. The goal is to get content into players’ hands sooner than would otherwise be possible, and without loot boxes. PvE is expected to arrive in 2023.

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