Random: Junji Ito Meets Zelda In These Renders Of Ocarina Of Time’s Scariest Monsters

There are two types of people in this world: Those who still have nightmares about Dead Hand and ReDeads, and those who have never played Ocarina of Time. For the former, which is probably all of you reading this, even just the words “Under The Well” and “Shadow Temple” might send shivers down your spine, and these super-realistic, very bloody renders will probably not help.

You have been warned.

Concept artist Andres Rios took to Twitter to share his takes on four iconic monsters from Ocarina of Time: The screaming, humping zombie known as the ReDead; the rather phallic Bongo Bongo; a Skulltula; and possibly the scariest monster of them all, the Dead Hand. How these four ever got added to a game for kids is beyond us.

Rios made renders of these four child-haunting terrors in ZBrush, rendering them with KeyShot and doing post-processing in PhotoShop to get the final effect.

“I picked [these four] because those were the ones I hated as a child,” Rios told us over Twitter DM. “I really love Ocarina of Time and in my free time I’m working on more fanarts, eventually I’d love to do more of other Zelda games like Majora’s [Mask] or Wind Waker.”

Here’s what the original concept art for each looks like, for reference:

Now, we’ve given you enough warning and pre-amble to run off if you don’t want to give yourself the heebies and/or jeebies, so here we go — check out Andres Rios’ very cool, very scary renders:


No no no no no thank you.

What do you think of Rios’ work? And which Zelda enemy do you find most horrifying? Tell us in the comments.

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