The Challenge alum Emilee Fitzpatrick stuns in blue polka dot bikini pics as castmate nears All Stars 3 final

Former The Real World: Cancun and The Challenge star Emilee Fitzpatrick. Pic credit: MTV

Former The Real World: Cancun star Emilee Fitzpatrick is ready for summer as she showed off a scorching set of images in one of her best bikinis for the upcoming season.

Fans saw her compete on several seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, prompting some to wonder if she might make an All Stars return like several of her RW castmates did.

In the meantime, she appears to be enjoying her life away from reality television, although her competitive nature might bring her back like her castmates for the spinoff.

Emilee Fitzpatrick shows off stunning blue bikini photos

Taking to her Instagram Story on Tuesday, The Challenge alum Emilee Fitzpatrick looked stunning in a light blue bikini featuring white polka dots. The brunette beauty posed in front of an inviting pool, which many people would love to swim in during the recent heatwave around the country.

She shared two images on her Instagram Story in the two-piece swimsuit, with the first a closeup of her top half as she was all smiles in front of the pool and beautiful trees behind her.

Emilee wore a pair of shades on top of her hair and gold hoop earrings as she may have been outside tanning or about to go for a swim.

the challenge alum emilee fitzpatrick in blue bikini
Pic credit: @iwantmyemtv/Instagram

A second image had Emilee smiling in front of the pool as she showed even more of her dazzling bikini to fans and followers, with her midsection and legs in the picture.

emilee fitzpatrick from real world and the challenge on ig story
Pic credit: @iwantmyemtv/Instagram

With the images on her Instagram Story, it’s unknown how many comments or emojis she received on them, but it’s likely they captured more than a few people’s attention. Emilee currently has only 7,700 followers on the platform, but many are likely loyal fans from her reality TV days.

Emilee’s castmate competing for All Stars win

Emilee initially debuted on MTV’s The Real World: Cancun before joining The Challenge for two seasons. One of her RW castmates, Jonna Mannion, returned for the premiere season of The Challenge: All Stars and has been back for two more seasons.

In Jonna’s second season, she captured the win alongside teammate MJ Garrett, bringing them $500,000 in prize money to share.

With Jonna’s All Stars 3 run, she’s had more of a target on her back, as opponents have put her into elimination in an effort to get her out of the game before the final.

However, Jonna has successfully won both her eliminations on the show, returning to the house and continuing towards that big prize money.

In Season 2, not only did Jonna compete on behalf of Real World: Cancun, but so did her former castmates, Derek Chavez and Jasmine Reynaud. That begs the question of whether Emilee might return for All Stars in a future season of the spinoff.

Her time on both of her MTV Challenge seasons was short. Camila Nakagawa eliminated her in the first episode of Cutthroat. In her return season, she lost to Jonna in Episode 2 in an event called Wrecking Wall.

However, All Stars has brought back some of the most surprising competitors after years away from the show, some of whom had no finals appearances or seasons won. The latest season has featured only finalists, but All Stars 4 and beyond could return to its previous form with any MTV OGs eligible for the show.

Stay tuned, as The Godfather Mark Long recently contacted another Real World alum for a potential All Stars 4 appearance, so Emilee’s chance could be right around the corner!

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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