Cuphead Director Didn’t Care About Delays, Only Staff’s Well-Being

Cuphead DLC Announcement Trailer | Xbox One | Windows 10 | Steam | GOG

According to Moldenhauer, this attitude at the Cuphead studio is a result of the small team’s history and past jobs, experiences, and a desire to do better.


“If we’re going to risk it all, it’s going to be a company that we’re proud of,” said Moldenhauer.

“It’s going to be a company that is all the things, an amalgamation of all the things we’ve always […] wanted. Respect for each other, love, and support. Things that we didn’t receive in our past jobs. Well, we did, but at the end of the day there was a bottom line.”


In addition to an employee-first-mentality and desire to create better working conditions, Cuphead’s director isn’t worried about how well the new, upcoming and long-awaited DLC sells or if it makes any money. Instead, just getting to make this cool piece of art and share it with the world, and doing so in a way that didn’t lead to burnout or crunch, is all the reward they need.

Cuphead’s long-awaited and delayed DLC, The Delicious Last Course, will be released on June 30.

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