Derek Hough talks about Hayley Erbert’s ‘perfect’ engagement ring

Derek Hough opens up about his engagement. Pic credit: ©

Derek Hough waited several years before he proposed to Hayley Erbert.

However, once he decided to pop the question, he made sure everything was perfect.

First came the proposal, which he hired a company to help with. They brought in oversized candles and when Derek and Hayley walked in, he popped the question and she said yes.

Next, there was the engagement ring, which Derek was very happy to find for his future bride.

Derek Hough talks Hayley’s engagement ring

Derek said he wanted to find the perfect engagement ring for Hayley, and he is happy with what he found – a ring that he considers flawless.

“It took me months to find, it genuinely did,” Derek told E! News at the Critics Choice Real TV Awards on June 12. “I searched far and wide and landed on this beautiful ring and I love it. It’s flawless.”

He said that he went to Paris Jewelers and Chau Lui, who designed the ring. It is four and a half carats.

“I FaceTimed with her and I honestly interviewed a few different people,” Derek said. “But her energy and her passion was amazing. I said, ‘I trust you.’” 

Hayley also said that the ring is perfect and Derek did good.

“It means the world to me,” Hayley said. “But also, he takes the most pride in the fact that he was able to surprise me with this engagement. I’m so hard to surprise [me] and he pulled it off.”

“It means everything to me that he was able to do that and that he put so much effort into this.”

Hayley showed off the ring in a recent video where she and Derek break down the proposal and how it all went down.

Derek and Hayley planning short engagement

While it took seven years for Derek to propose to Hayley, the two will enjoy a short engagement.

“I don’t think either of us want a super-long engagement. I just don’t think it fully makes sense,” Hayley said. “We waited [seven years] to get engaged, it’s like we’re just ready for that next chapter of our lives.”

With that said, the wedding planning will take a little while, but Hayley said they have plenty of friends there to help them along the way.

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