Genshin Impact codes: free Primogems and Mora for June

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Looking for the latest Genshin Impact codes? To get your hands on new characters in this open world gacha-RPG, you have to ‘wish’ for them using Primogems. While you can get a decent amount through opening chests, completing events, and doing daily commissions, it never hurts to have a few extra banked. If a character you want comes along, you can snatch them up.

This is where Genshin Impact codes come in. Though miHoYo used to give away a lot more, it now seems to exclusively release these free Primogem bonuses during its livestream for each new version of the game. There are usually three codes, and they only last a day, meaning you have to grab them pretty quick.

But there’s almost always another Genshin Impact giveaway running, or a web event where you can grab some extra resources or Primogems. In this Genshin Impact promo codes guide, I’ll run through the latest freebies available, and any opportunities to score yourself some free stuff in giveaways.


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All Genshin Impact codes:

  • BSNDJC747Z7D – 100 primogems and five hero’s wit (NEW)
  • AS7CJDP4NG7H – 100 primogems and 5,000 mora (NEW)
  • KB6DKDNM7H49 – 100 primogems and ten mystic enhancement ore (NEW)
  • BSPD3ZRXU985 – 60 Primogems
  • GENSHINGIFT – 50 Primogems, three Hero’s Wit (this code is always active but can only be used once)

The top three listed are the 2.3 livestream codes, which means they should expire by November 13.

Expired codes:

  • CB7UU6KT2H59
  • GenshinEpic
  • GenshinGalaxy
  • LS6T4L9ZZ7TH
  • GBNA9J5H9Y4H
  • 8A6ABHTH2N9Z
  • 4BNSD3675J8D

How to redeem

(Image credit: MiHoYo)

How do I redeem Genshin Impact codes?

To redeem your Genshin Impact code simply follow these instructions: 

  • Head on over to miHoYo’s gift redemption site
  • Log in to your account and region
  • Copy a code from the list into the box
  • Head to your in-game mailbox to get your rewards

Do note that you have to be at least Adventure Rank 10 in order to redeem the codes. If you’re looking for some tips to raise you rank, this Genshin Impact guide can help.


(Image credit: miHoYo)

Genshin Impact giveaways and events

Looking for some more ways to get free stuff in Genshin Impact? Here are the giveaways that are currently on offer:

  • Test Run: You can currently earn some little rewards by test-running the new characters in the event page. The Moment of Bloom banner features Hu Tao, Thoma, Diona, and Sayu.

If you’re looking for more giveaways or events, they often happen in the Discord or on the official hoyolab forum.

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