How did Kate Middleton react to the news that she would be the new Princess of Wales?

The British royal family often communicates with fans – and they are always satisfied with how members of the monarchy behave with others.

The other day, Prince William participated in a Charity event for the sale of a fresh issue of one of the newspapers covering the social problems of the country.

One of the London taxi drivers shared his story about communication with him. And now, one of the users of social networks told about the conversation with his wife.

On the eve of the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of the reign of Elizabeth II , The Dukes of Cambridge traveled to Cardiff, where they attended a rehearsal of the gala concert.

During it, they were approached by fans who expressed a desire to chat with Kate and William. Given that the Duchess of Cambridge is scheduled to take the title of Princess Diana, one of the women said she would be “the beautiful Princess of Wales. “

“Kate was very touched by this and said that the main thing for her was to be the wife of such a reliable man as William,” wrote one of the witnesses of that meeting.

Recall that Kate Middleton received the title of Duchess of Cambridge in 2011 after her wedding to Prince William.

When Prince Charles becomes king, her husband, the Duke of Cambridge, will inherit the title of Prince of Wales from him, and Kate will inherit the title of her late mother-in-law, Lady D.

There will come a day when the queen will not be with us, no matter how hard it is to admit.

Experts say that Elizabeth II is already preparing for the process of transferring the royal throne to Prince Charles, but what will happen to the rest of the royal family? Definitely, Kate Middleton and Prince William will remain central players in the British crown.

However, experts believe that this time will be a special test of the strength of the relationship between the Dukes of Cambridge.

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