Kendall Jenner Has Dropped A Big Check On Her Health And Built A Wellness Room In Her House

In the latest episode of The Kardashians on Hulu , fans get to dive into the health obsession of Kendall Jenner and it isn’t minor. The model is in excellent shape and seems to be in great health but she admits that as of late she has become extremely focused on health, to an extent where the obsession itself might be unhealthy. The model recognized the irony of the situation.

The obsession was clear when the camera crew of the show ventured into the new wellness room in Kendall’s house. The room was filled with rather expensive gadgets and gizmos all dedicated to improving health.

The most noticeable of the lot was a Vitaeris 320 hyperbaric chamber. The gadget costs roughly $23,000. The episode showed unzipping the chamber and coming out of it with a laptop. The model said that she spends about an hour a day in the chamber watching shows or answering emails.

Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers were previously used to treat deep-sea divers for compression sickness and patients with Carbon Monoxide poisoning but recently athletes and celebrities have been using them for their anti-aging, enhanced healing, and stamina and performance-enhancing benefits.

Another Gizmo in Kendall’s wellness room was a TheraLight 360 red light therapy bed which costs somewhere around $78,000. Red light therapy is something that a lot of celebrities are now opting for. It is used to help prevent wrinkles and other nasty effects of aging on the skin.

The machine helps increase blood flow and oxygen supply which helps the cellular process move faster.

The room also showed a HyperMax Oxygen Therapy machine. This one is the cheaper one of the lot and costs only $3000.

Kendall admits that her obsession with health is a little over the top and even revealed that her friends make fun of her for it. She says that it ‘is honestly kind of embarrassing, it’s crazy,’ but she has been all about her health for a few years and she doesn’t seem to want to stop any time soon.

The Kardashians on Hulu is gearing up for season 2.

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