Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson casually talk about seeing her vagina

Kim Kardashian talks about her lady parts. Pic credit: ©

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have had no issues showing how much they enjoy each others’ company as they travel together and flaunt their PDA while out.

As Kim and Pete continue their relationship, it seems they are only growing stronger and more in love as the days and weeks go by.

In fact, Pete has been seen out and about with Kim’s kids in public without Kim herself, showing how involved he is with not only his girlfriend but her children as well.

Even though Kanye hasn’t been completely on board with Kim’s new relationship, it is evident that Kim and Pete are comfortable with one another; this was extremely apparent recently when they discussed Kim’s vagina.

Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Pete Davidson talk about Kim’s vagina

While Pete has made the decision not to appear on camera and film the new show, The Kardashians, he did make a debut off-screen recently during the show’s finale.

Kim had been talking to her audio editor in a scene post-credits, as she could be seen talking to Pete, who was out of view. She exclaimed, “Pete, come here, you have to meet Paxy. Paxy has worked with me as audio [for] 14 years from Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She knows everything about me. She’s probably seen my vagina.”

Viewers could then hear Pete ask the question, “More than me?”

Kim responded with a huge smile, “Not more than you… But she’s probably seen it.”

What did Kim’s audio editor, Paxy, say in response?

After hearing Kim say this and banter back and forth with Pete, Paxy did speak up and say she had not, in fact, seen Kim’s vagina.

Kim, astonished, declared back, joking, “You haven’t seen my vagina? We’ll get there. Takes time to warm up to seeing my vagina. But you could look on the internet.”

Why does Pete not film the show with Kim and her family?

When asked, Kim stated that while she isn’t against Pete filming, it’s just not something that he chooses to do. However, according to sources who had talked to Page Six, Pete’s close family and friends had advised him to not go on the show.

One source, in particular, claimed, “His career has taken off, what does he need this for? It’s a sure way to kill the relationship. Getting involved in the show decimates every man.”

On the other hand, another person close to Pete stated otherwise, as he declared, “He feels no pressure to be in the show… Neither do the people around him. If it happens that he’s on the show, it happens.”

While Pete did not end up on camera for the first season of The Kardashians, only time will tell if he changes his mind in the future.

The Kardashians is streaming on Hulu.

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