RICOCHET Anti-Cheat is plucking the guns from cheater’s hands as Warzone 2.0 looms just around the corner

We’ve gotten another peak behind the curtain at Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific and Vanguard’s RICOCHET Anti-Cheat. Alongside the typical information on tackling the ongoing cheating problem in the popular FPS you’d expect, we were let in on the latest trick in the RICOCHET arsenal – literally plucking the guns out of cheater’s hands.

This all comes via an official post on the Call of Duty website, featuring some insight from the RICOCHET team and a Q&A on ongoing updates and issues facing the games they have dominion over. The first question covers one that is in the mind of a vast number of Call of Duty players – if RICOCHET is so great, why am I still running into cheaters?

You can see RICOCHET in action with Warzone Pacific season 4.

“As we take steps to ensure our systems can identify and react to the known bad behavior; we fully expect cheat makers to continue devising new bad behaviors – some we can anticipate and some that we need to develop new systems against.”

However, it’s not until the section dedicated to cheater mitigations – actions taken directly against cheaters mid-game – that we are given insight into the newfound practice of ripping the weapons out of cheater’s hands. In fact, they can’t even punch in this newfound disarm state, leaving them absolutely harmless and easy pickings for honest players.

According to this graph published on the aforementioned blog post, an increase in cheating mitigation appears to correlate to less reports of cheating.

The post continues: “We have other mitigations that we’ll likely spill the beans on in the future. Some are active now; some are in development. Beyond its mission to combat unfair play, we have a second somewhat secret mission to annoy as many cheaters as we can.”

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