Shaunie Henderson Posts Picture of Herself With All 5 Kids; Fans Are Quick To Point Out That All The Kids Look Exactly Like Shaunie

Shaunie Henderson recently posted a picture of herself standing as a proud mama with her 5 kids around her, 4 of which Shaunie shares with NBA legend, Shaquille O Neal.

As soon as the picture went up on the internet, social media users were quick to notice that all of the kids seem to take after their mom in terms of facial features. It was almost eerie how much every single person in the picture looked like the other, basically showing that all 5 kids get their faces from their mother.

One commenter hilariously wrote,  “Your genes are stronger than McDonald’s sprite. All of them babies look just like you.”

The oldest of the bunch is Myles O Neal who is 25 years old. Myles is the one kid whom Shaunie doesn’t share with Shaquille. Myles first began modeling at the age of 21 but later decided that he wanted to pursue his passion of becoming a DJ. The decision seems to work out very well for the 25-year-old who was recently seen DJing at the Encore Beach Club.

Second on the list is Shareef O Neal who is 22 years old and has decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. Shareef began playing basketball at UCLA before transferring to Louisiana State University and eventually leaving their team in March as well. However, the 22-year-old has kept his name in the 2022 NBA Draft.

On number 3 we have, Amirah O Neal who is 20 years old and also seems to take after her father, becoming a two-time All-state honoree to MaxPreps’ 2018 to 2019 California Girls Basketball All-State Teams.

Child number 4 is Shaqir O Neal who is 19 years old and is prepping for a career in basketball as well. He is currently at TSU and is working hard to improve his game to a professional level.

And finally, we have the baby of the family, Me’arah O’Neal who is 16 years old and went viral at the age of 13 when it was revealed that at 13 years old she could already dunk a basketball. So there is little question as to what direction this one will be taking.

Clearly, Shaunie has good reason to be proud of all of her children.

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