T-Mobile’s OnePlus 10 Pro is cheaper than ever before with no trade-in needed

Are you sad to hear that OnePlus may only have one true flagship left to be unveiled this year and even more disappointed that said flagship is almost certainly not an Ultra version of the existing 10 Pro powerhouse? Well, you can always choose to skip the “regular” OnePlus 10 and get the 6.7-inch Pro model instead.

Curiously enough, both retailers happen to charge a full 900 bucks with absolutely no deal sweeteners included at the time of this writing, but that’s where T-Mobile comes in, offering its highest discounts to date on the still relatively new handset.
As long as you don’t have a problem opting for a OnePlus 10 Pro purchase with a monthly installment plan and opening an expensive new line of Magenta Max service, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 beast can be yours for as little as $170 with no other strings attached.

That’s a huge savings of $730 applied to your new or existing T-Mo account in the form of bill credits over a period of two years, and you don’t need to trade anything in or switch from a different carrier to get that completely unprecedented price cut.

If the Magenta Max requirement feels like too big of an inconvenience, you can go for a different “eligible” plan and reduce the OnePlus 10 Pro’s list price to $269 after monthly bill credits totaling $630.99. Last but not necessarily least, trade-in discounts of up to $450 are also available with no new line needed.

Naturally, you’re looking at a Magenta-locked device here, fully prepared to unleash the power of undoubtedly the best US 5G network right now, as well as display content at up to a 120Hz refresh rate and a resolution of 3216 x 1440 pixels.
With a 5,000mAh battery under the hood, the OnePlus 10 Pro should be capable of delivering more than enough juice for an entire day while charging at up to 65W and 50W speeds with and without a wire respectively. By no means perfect, this is arguably one of the overall best phones in the world today, and for a presumably limited time only, it can be purchased at its best price ever with minimal hassle and very few special conditions.

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