Tom Hanks Seen In A Rare Moment Of Anger As Fans Nearly Topple His Wife

Tom Hanks is all the rage in Hollywood once more as he picks up another legendary role in the latest movie Elvis, a biopic on the life of the great Elvis Presley. Unfortunately, Tom Hanks is also full of rage, and for good reason too, as seen in the latest clip of the legendary actor that has surfaced online.

In the clip, Tom can be seen walking toward his car with his wife, Rita Wilson . The couple is being followed by lots of fans probably seeking autographs and pictures. One of the fans gets too close and accidentally almost trips over Rita after which both Rita and Tom become very Stern. Rita yells at one of the fans, “STOP IT” and Tom proceeds to yell at the entire crowd “Back the f**k off!” The crowd of people goes silent as Tom looks at them with a very serious and stern face. Tom looks the crowd of people dead in the eye and asks, “Knocking over my wife?!” After that Tom walks away and hops into the back of an SUV which drives off, as the crowds of people try to apologize to the Forest Gump actor.

This was a rare moment from the usually calm and composed actor who is everybody’s beloved in the entertainment industry but it was a very fair reaction. While celebrities are generally used to being mobbed by fans from every direction, nobody likes to see their family members being put in an uncomfortable and possibly dangerous situation.

This incident took place after the couple was leaving a restaurant in New York’s Midtown on the 15th of June, merely a few hours after Hanks and his wife were attending an early screening of Elvis. The movie based on the life of the Legendary Elvis Presley features Tom Hanks in the role of Tom Parker, who was Elvis Presley’s manager throughout the singer’s illustrious career. The film will be officially released in cinemas across the world on the 23rd of June and people are excited to see another epic performance from Hanks.

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