Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event kicks off next week

Microsoft will host its third-annual Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event next week as part of this year’s Summer Game Fest.

Kicking off June 21 and running through June 27, there will be over 30 game demos available for unreleased titles coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

The demos will only be available on the Xbox Dashboard for a week, and while some may appear once more on the Demo channel later, some will disappear entirely. So don’t hesitate or deliberate too much because you may miss out.

It is also worth noting that some of the demos aren’t necessarily indicative of the final product, as many are still in early development. The games will continue to evolve and be polished as they near release.

Microsoft will announce the full list of demos closer to June 21, but four of the demos you will be able to play have been confirmed.

One of these is Batora: Lost Haven. It stars a “naive and reckless” girl who must use her mental and physical powers to save the Earth from oblivion.

A demo for psychological thriller Broken Pieces will also be available. Set in a French coastal village outside the flow of time, you will need to solve the mysteries of this village by putting pieces of its story back together.

You will also be able to try out Severed Steel, a single-player FPS featuring a stunt system with destructible voxel environments, loads of bullet time, and a unique one-armed protagonist.

Tinykin, named after the creatures you will be catching, will also have a demo. In it, you will need to catch hundreds of tinykin and use their unique powers to bring the character Milo back to his home planet – and back to normal size.

Again, there will be over 30 demos to try next week, so check back closer to June 21 for the entire list.

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