Kylie Jenner talks about the workouts that help her get back in shape after the birth of her son

But they give the star incredible pain. After 24-year-old Kylie Jenner gave birth to her second child, son Knight, in February 2022 although she and Travis Scott initially named him Wolf, she began to actively share with followers not only her life hacks but also thoughts on the topic of the postpartum period.

According to the reality show star, the most difficult was the restoration of mental and mental health, but returning to the previous physical form was not easy.

Recently, Kylie posted several stories from the gym on her personal account. She talked about workouts that helped her lose weight during her second pregnancy; the billionaire gained about 28 kilograms and already lost 18 in four months.

The youngest Jenner goes in for sports every day, seven days a week; mostly, it’s walking on a treadmill and pilates with a personal trainer.

Kylie also admitted that after the second birth, she had incredibly severe pain in her knees and back, but this only makes the young mother stronger since she has a goal, and she goes to her without turning off the path.

In mid-spring, Jenner showed off her abs back; now, she wants to improve the quality of her skin and tighten her buttocks. In a previous post, Kardashians was the son of Kylie Jenner and 30-year-old musician Travis Scott.

A few days after the birth, Kylie admitted that her son’s name was Wolf and that Jacques was chosen as the middle name in honor of Travis’ father.

Later, the couple changed their minds and announced that Wolf’s name was clearly not suitable for a child, and they would come up with another name, but there were obvious difficulties in choosing.

Remember, this is the second child of Kylie and Travis, who have been considered a couple for over five years, but strangely enough, they do not live together. Their joint daughter, Stormi, was born on February 1, 2018.

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