Pete Davidson passed Kim Kardashian’s ‘boyfriend test’ while on vacation in the tropics

Many girls dream that their boyfriend can take great pictures, especially when they are a social media stars with a million-strong audience. This Monday, Kim Kardashian shared truly summer pictures from the couple’s vacation in the tropics, and as it turned out, the boyfriend was the author of some of the shots. The SKIMS founder posted a video of her entering the clear blue ocean with the shadow of Pete Davidson in the background. “He passed the boyfriend test,” she captioned the video.
The Instagram star * also shared a carousel of photos from the trip in a separate post. On one of them, the couple went on an intimate canoe trip, and on the other, they gently kissed each other. “Beach for two,” she captioned the footage, which shows them both in black swimsuits and platinum blonde hair. Recall that the relationship of lovers was born in October 2021. However, romance blossomed after that high-profile kiss during Kardashian’s debut appearance as host of Saturday Night Live.
“It was a stage kiss, but it still had some zest. I just thought: “Wow, I really haven’t kissed anyone else for the last ten years, so maybe I’m just stupid, and it just doesn’t mean anything, and it’s just a stage kiss,” Kim recalled.
But Kim’s worries were absolutely in vain because Pete himself felt something special. Now lovers are increasingly thinking about the future, so Davidson gets along well with her children from a previous marriage.
“He’s a fun guy. He plays with them and gives them a lot of attention. This makes Kim very happy that they are all getting along,” said the insider. Lately, everyone has been talking about romance with Kim Kardashian’s young comedian Pat Davidson, who managed to win her heart after a difficult divorce from Kenny West. Earlier, the star was reluctant to share photos with her boyfriend, and only now have fans revealed the story behind her romance.

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