Renaissance album, Beyoncé broadcasts new album

Beyoncé’s new album will be released on July 29. Beyoncé has announced the release of a new album, Renaissance . According to NME, the release will be released on July 29.

The album will consist of two parts, the first of which is planned to have 16 tracks.

In the summer of 2021, Beyoncé confirmed that she was working on a new album. “I spent a year and a half in the studio.

Sometimes it takes a year to find the exact one among thousands of sounds. One chorus can have up to 200 spare harmonies,” the star shared. “But nowhere else, except in the studio, I do not feel so much love, passion, healing.

After 31 years, this is the same delight as when I was nine,” the artist admitted.

Earlier, Corey Taylor, the leader, and vocalist of Slipknot, once again promised that the group would have new music “very, soon.” Before In March, Taylor was on Doug Bradley’s Down To Hell show and mentioned that the band’s new album doesn’t have a release date “because lazy.” Also, he mentioned that it would probably come out “in two or three months.”

He also noted that the new album they are preparing is darker than his album We Are Not Your Kind (2019) and that he likes it more than the last album.

The singer has now revealed that they will be releasing new music “very soon.”

“We don’t have an exact date right now, but I’m here to tell you that you won’t have to wait a long, long time. Hell, I promise you, you’ll have new Slipknot music soon,” Taylor concluded.

Earlier, 37-year-old Kelly Osbourne announced that she was expecting her first child. The singer is in a relationship with Slipknot member Sid Wilson, 45, and the couple revealed their romance in February 2022.

Kelly Osbourne admitted in a personal blog that they were friends for 23 years and then realized that they wanted more.

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